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Suspension For Soarer


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Hello i would like to know the best suspension for Toyota Soarer GT-T

it's same of LExus SC300 (jzz31) and SC400 (UZZ32) i have seen on car domain, a guys who's installed the Supra Coilovers.

and other thing..

for the shock what is the best? and for the spring? if i would like choose the coilover system what is the best?

where can i found it? website of seller...

I would like find comfort and sporty suspension...

thanks guys!

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i have seen on car domain, a guys who's installed the Supra Coilovers.
That could be me!

The JZA80 suspension is a straight swap for your TT. I'm not suggesting that it's the best by any means, but they are a cheap replacement that becomes available when the Supra boys do upgrades (which they love to do). It gives a much firmer ride than stock TT suspension but the handling improves a lot. Be aware that you have to swap the struts and springs at the same time as the perches are in different positions.

If you want to spend big bucks then there are plenty of kits available but finding out which is best would be very hard. Once people spend a lot of money on suspension they seem to want to 'champion' it and objectivity goes out of the window. Just like brake and ECU upgrades!

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