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Lexus Ipod Integration Kit !

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Got my first LS just before Christmas and it came with a very poorly integrated ipod kit that saw the ipod as a single CD/DVD with no selection for/by named playlists or track names. Not Good !

After much trawling of LOC members and Lexus dealers one even to tell me, "that is how it was supposed to work with your car", the issue has been successfuly resolved. I now have access to select by 6 named playlists (in alphabetical order, easy to edit playlist names in itunes library to get your favourites at the top) and can scroll or skip through 99 named tracks per playlist controlable via the stearing wheel or ML head unit.

The good bit !!

There are two lexus ipod integration kits I know of (not a definative number) but both my LS and Chriso's GS have identical part numbers. I believe the two part numbers are dependent upon your Lexus having a CD or DVD changer, irresepective of model of vehicle. Those with a CD changer the part number ends in 3 and those with a DVD changer ending in 4. This also works with both my original ipod and my son's brand new 120GB version.

The part number of the integration kit originally fitted to my car was a : PZ47300263-A0 & unfortunately it came in a : PZ47300264-A0 package and was not checked before it was originally fitted. Apparently they are virtually identical. The 4 varient has now been fitted and its great, no degridation in sound quality some have reported in previous threads and as far as I am concerned worth the money.

Given there are multiple units and the content are not always guaranteed to be exactly as described on the packaging it may be worth checking.

I havent added any pictures as according to the dealer my playlists are embarrasingly naff and my kids are worried about me losing the last ounce of street cred I have left.

Hope this helps someone !!

I am now well happy & completely love my Lex.

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Des O'Connor hasn't been Top Of The Pops for quite a while now :lol:

Seriously though, glad you are sorted fella :D

DJ, many thanks : Top Of The Pops Baby yes. Old bu99er, almost certainly according to my kids but had a quick check through the itunes library and can say hand on heart, Des doesnt live here !! :-)

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