Passenger Electric Seat Conversion

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On 10/2/2009 at 10:19 PM, aido said:

Sure Jason_L or someone on here did the same swap, it was the pre September 2000 cars I believe that had the manual passenger seat - think mine was a Sep 2000 car and that had the facelift with both electric.

It's just a case of getting an interior from a breaker and think Jason did the wiring himself, can't remember if the loom was there - there's only four bolts I think so if you pop the existing seat out you could check to see if the loom is there or not.

Just don't get an interior from an S model as they're both manual!

Hi hope you can help me. I wish I could fit the alcantara/leather seats instead of full leather. I read about wirings, seat belt catchers etc. Is it possible to add wirings and motors from the later to the early seats and to add the controls on the side?



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