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Rx400 / Ice / Quality Issues

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I have a 6 month old RX400h with the new ICE system with the infra-red wireless headphones and I have to say te quality of sound is poor. They do work but there is a constant buzzing on either channel or either screen. I have had to revent to wired headphones.

Has anyone else experienced this, one forum I read that the whole car got re-wired and they had it for 7 weeks...ouch.

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I thought they had ironed our the quirks in the new ICE system; as in the old one there were some issues as you describe and so they moved the IR sensors from the ceiling to the door pillars. Have no experience of the new ICE system so cannot say, sorry :(

I would get back onto your Dealer ASAP and if it needs a re-wire, then so be it.

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Hi .

I have the "older" system which has the screens built into the headrests (2007) the wireless headphones (both) play perfect . the only issue i have had is one of the screens started playing up by turning itself off just after you turned it on . Pressed the reset button and bingo all sweet again .

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