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  1. and for any type of German car an extended warranty is essential Well the point I was trying to make was that with other marques, like German as you suggest, they are still an internal combustion engine. You can find any number of specialists or mechanics to work on them and a manufacturers extended warranty isn't essential. However, with Lexus backing the relatively new and young technology of hybrid (with its complex internals and engineering) you don't have the luxury of finding any number of independent garages that specialise in fixing them if they (more aptly he hybrid part) go wrong. Hence leaving you to go back to a Lexus main dealer...and without the Lexus extended warranty, it's a wallet emptying experience. So, I say again, those folks owning and running hybrids should give very careful consideration to insulating themselves from expensive repair bills. And the Lexus extended warranty becomes essential (IMHO).
  2. It never hurts to ask Lexus for a contribution; but I don't hold out much hope for the OP because the manufacturers liability has to stop somewhere and all Customers are given the option of buying an extended Lexus Warranty to cover these eventualities. For folks running these hybrids, a Lexus Waranty is essential IMHO.
  3. Your RX hybrid isn't AWD it's FWD with rear driven wheels assisted by battery 'when needed' - it is in essence a FWD only 2T car. Given how the hybrid system interfaces with the normal drivetrain, I think you will have to get this sorted: either a temp. fix and get rid or bite the bullet and get a proper repair completed, but for the latter I think only Lexus will be your only option. I was never convinced by the robustness of this hybrid drivetrain, they're failing all too predictably at 6/7YRS.
  4. Doesn't the RX have a stainless steel exhaust system from factory? I'm sure my RX300 (MKII) had a SS exhaust from factory. But I agree, if it's SS exhaust system then any failure should be deemed manufacturing related as it shouldn't fail. However, read the T+Cs of your warranty, what does it say about exhaust and related systems?
  5. Quite agree with the diagnosis Re: resistance. Cheap bulbs lack necessary resistance characteristics the vehicle relies on for checking bulb failure, this is very common in comparable VAG Group/BMW/Merc. etc. so would expect with 'proper' bulb replaced, this should sort itself out.
  6. Although a remote possibility, do also check your balloons and suspension bushings - these can (and do wear) but aren't easily identified due to the wright of the vehicle. Try jacking up the front wheels and giving them a good push/pull test. Any play etc. will be evident.
  7. So...on a petrol vehicle the glow plugs were replaced? ...and you wonder why this 'mechanic' cannot fix your vehicle?
  8. My post amended as I was incorrectly under the impression 400h had air suspension - my apologies.
  9. Asyou have 'brought' your Lexus recently, it should be covered under the Lexus 30 day 1K mile return promise. I would seriously consider exercising those rights (which are in addition to your statutory rights) - the original supplying Dealership will very quickly change their tune if your start to exercise your rights ;o)
  10. My post amended as I was incorrectly under the impression 400h had air suspension - my apologies.
  11. I've been following this saga with interest; glad the OP got it resolved without too much hacking and chopping. A reason why, when I own these cars, would never consider running them without a Lexus warranty. The sub-£1000 cost of a warranty suddenly becomes quite palatable when considering how the cost of these types of repairs can mount and blow out of proportion for what is in effect a minor issue. And when people debate the cost of a Lexus warranty (or not) this type of eventuality should be a serious consideration.
  12. And it's welcome to have that experience posted on the forum, some seriously impressive figures there; and my point earlier that it makes sense for some is supported by your exprience. I'm not sure I could drive without AC and have to watch a display that dictates my style of driving to ensure I can eek out the MPG I want. It would be interesting to know what your real MPG figures are as opposed to the onboard computer reporting consumption as I know from experience that if I am rolling downhill and lift off, the car will tell me I am doing 99.9MPG which for a computer means that it can skewer the overall MPG result reported by the onboard computer. Glad it works for you, sadly it didn't for me (returned a little around 22/5MPG) and I really wanted it to as I absolutely loved my MK2 RX300 and I am toying with the idea of a 350.
  13. There is nothing special about the Lexus cargo net; just measure the dimensions and check eBay etc. for something generic that will do the same job and save you money.
  14. Well since you brought it up, others have more sense and are not taken in by slick and glitzy marketing as many others - something about 'money' and 'easily parted' and 'fool' comes to my mind... I'm sure it makes sense for some, and I gave my opinion after living with one over many weeks and putting it through its paces, and posting that experience in detail on this forum at the time.
  15. Result for you! I would have thought it was the caliper carrier myself - how do brake discs make a knocking noise when all they do is spin? But if it fixed your problem, awesome stuff man.
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