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Drumming Up Business?

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Lexus website is advertising a "Lexus Approved Pre-owned Week" from the 16th to the 23rd at participating


The big offer is 2 years free servicing bought during the week.

It has to be worth a good few bob, depending on what the cost of the next 2 services works out at.

I nearly swapped my 220d for a 250 auto with 30k on the clock yesterday but turned it down because of the,

(in my view), excessive amount of stone chips and other paintwork damage at the front end. I'm glad :D :hehe: I did and if I don't opt for some other make in meantime I'll do it through this.

Anyone else intending buying in the near future ought to have a look, and maybe register with a dealer.

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They also have a link in there to sell your car, you enter your details and they send them to your local dealer. After 48 hours if the dealer doesn't come back or you don't like the deal they will forward to the next ten closest.

Use the following page to help to sell your Lexus.

Process Overview:

1. Enter details about your Lexus on the following page. These details will be passed to your local Lexus Centre.

2. Your local Lexus Centre may contact you if they are interested in purchasing your vehicle.

3. After 48 hours you will be sent an email giving you the opportunity to contact up to ten additional Lexus Centres.

Sell your Lexus

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