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Opened Steering Wheel

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Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous posts I still have a rpoblem with my car horn. I know the sound of it quite...well , not that manly but I owuld like to hear it.

When I press the middle part of the steering wheel the horn does not I've decided to open the steering wheel and here is how it looks like.

Steering wheel pics

I've noticed few things:

1. The father plug at the bottom, near the white plug is broken. I think that should've been the plug where the airbag unit should've been connected.

2. There is only one wire for the steering wheel. Is that OK? as on my previous cars I had like couple of wires there....

3. My bank account will take a hit if I go to Lexus to fix it.

I've checked the fuses and everything. they work. The unit is working as if I lock the doors with the bonnet open and close the bonnet the alarm goes off and thats connected to the horn.

So is this look normal to you? Any other pics would be really good just to make a comparison and see what I need to order to Lexus. or wreckers most likely....

Thanks in advance for your help

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white plug is normal, that is the wire for the horn.

the airbag wires being broken means that the whole airbag system is not working, and i suspect that there is a fault in the airbag, and the light on the dash has had the bulb removed

i think i have a spare drivers airbag...?

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