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Wheezing Sound

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Im getting an intermittent wheezing sound from the wheels when on inclines or declines, sometimes it just goes away and some times it stays until I apply light pressure to the brakes, anybody know what could be causing this? Im off to the mechanic tomorrow and I dont want to be blagged.

i dont know how brakes are supposed to work but if I hit the brakes hard its like the pedal sinks and theres some sort of noise like im skidding. Coul this be related?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Sounds like a brake related issue to me, extremely worn pads and discs can give a wierd sort of droaning noise under heavy braking, i suppose the abs may be giving the feeling that the pedal is sinking?

Check brake fluid level, the cap is screwed on tightly under the bonnet, pads and discs...

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