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  1. Is it fair for a mobile number to be posted up in public like this ?
  2. All this stuff about who went on whose stand is pretty pathetic. Yes Barrie and Janey, you came towards the OJC stand and chatted to a few of our members, but you hung back from the main part of the stand (which is fair enough). I offered you some drinks and you came into our marquee and we made you welcome. I don't recall anyone inviting OJC members onto their stand and offering them drinks though ? It works both ways.
  3. That's funny, because according to the screenshot below (taken this morning, because I suspected this would happen), you and Barrie were indeed on the list as you know full well. I wonder why someone seems to have edited the list to remove you and Barrie from the list ?
  4. ROFL ! You really are paranoid, aren't you ? As stated it's a fact Steve What, that you're paranoid ?! How on earth would another club intercept "others" on the way in etc, this is making my afternoon, this thread is hilarious !
  5. ROFL ! You really are paranoid, aren't you ?
  6. think he is winding you up Mat not winding me up at all... to me its very simple, if you dont like it here, **** off then That says it all really ... Though unfortunately it seems to be not that simple. If people do go somewhere else (e.g. to another club) then they end up being responsible for any unfortunate things that happen to the first club (e.g. empty stands at JAE etc).
  7. I have been planning a project similar to this for quite a while, and I am now beginning to implement it.
  8. Surely if a throttle body is heated by the engine coolant then it's going to be just as cold as the rest of the engine when it first starts up ? Wouldn't it have to be electrically heated to have any effect when the engine is cold ?
  9. It's all in the IS200 online workshop manual, e.g. here.
  10. It's there to cool the throttle body, so it doesn't get too hot, not to heat it.
  11. How can you get a warning for "weekend is here" ? :duh:
  12. You sure it's not just that both rear lights have blown ? Or the fuse ? Is the bulb failure light warning lit on the dash ?
  13. I see that they're made of Pyrex, so that should be pretty tough.
  14. You can buy them online, yes. But the cheapest place I found was my latest Toyota/Lexus parts department, for £18.02 after a bit of a discount.
  15. The trouble is finding a short bit of 3M tape though. A whole reel costs quite a bit.
  16. No, you'll have to get hold of some suitably strong fitting tape and use that, if it doesn't come with the skirts.
  17. It's an eBay link from March, and eBay links from more than 90 days ago won't work :winky:
  18. ok, a spray of WD40 might free it up temporarily, but it might still break completely at some point (or might have done so already), so worth checking out a new one.
  19. The tail light relay is on the *back* of the driver's side fuse box circuit board. So you need to take off the cover of the kick panel in that area, but you also need to take out the circuit board to get to the back of it, I'm afraid. It's labelled as number 4 on this diagram.
  20. You might want to post this in the GS section if this is regarding a GS ? (going by your profile info). Whether the key turns in the ignition or not is about if it's been cut correctly as a key that will operate the ignition lock, as well as if the lock is working mechanically or not (e.g. they can break on the IS200). Has this spare key ever turned in the ignition ok ? Do other keys turn in the ignition ok and just not this one ? Are you saying you've tried these keys in other cars ? I'm confused as to why you're trying that because a key for one car is never going to turn the ignition of another car.
  21. Sorry guys, please take me off the list, I'm still going to JAE but with another club. See you there !
  22. Part numbers are in a sticky post on the main IS200 forum.
  23. remove the air box(10mm bolts) and you will see the 6 coils under their,remove the 6 10mm bolts and pull the coils up and you will then see the plugs.also you wont see any ht leads as they went out with the cave men. Not sure it's as simple as that on the IS300 Ormi ? And I think the IS300 does have HT leads ?
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