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Lexus Is 250 Se-l Auto With Mm

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Hi all.

I'm thinking of getting one of these 2nd hand to replace my wife's car. I'd prefer to have to spend no more than 10k (12k tops) + trade in on a Skoda Fabia Estate (offered trade in value of 4k by my local Mazda garage when we were shopping around for a Mazda 3.) That makes a budge of 14-16k. Realistically speaking would I be able to beat a dealer down to that ballpark figure on a 2 year old car? Or am I going to have to settle on one that's 3 years old?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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A few months ago I was looking for this same spec but slightly newer. The main problem I hit was that there were few SE-L MM Autos available, however, I was also limiting myself to a only few colours which didn't help. There was a much wider choice of SE spec cars and I started to question whether I really needed all the extras on the SE-L.

Cars without MM tend to be significantly cheaper and I think would fall within your budget. However, if you find an SE-L with MM that you like don't be put off by the asking price. According to Lexus new car sales are down 48% this year and so dealers should be willing to negotiate if they want to win your business.

Good luck and I hope you have an interesting time.

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