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Climate Screen Lit But No Read Out & No Buttons Working

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Hi All

Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Lent my 1997 LS 400 to someone over the weekend and when they gave it back the climate LCD/heaters do not work.

It is still lit up green but none of the numbers or displays come up and the heaters are not working and if you push the heated rear window or the a/c buttons etc nothing happens. Have checked both fuse boxes but could not see any that were blown. Swapped a couple of relays about but no joy.

Have read on here that they suffer from LCD problems but all the ones I have read are still able to use their heaters but just cant see display where as mine is totally not working.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.



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Hi Alan,

Welcome to the LOC.

I have had a look at the circuit diagram for your car and the only fuse I can find is labelled FUEL OPN rated at 15A which could be either in the engine bay or more likely in the under dash fuse box.

The information is a little vague but if you have the owner's handbook maybe this will point you closer to locating the fuse.

It supplies the air con ECU.


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The backlights are fed off the lighting circuit normally it's those that fail not the unit, the LCD fade problem only affected the 1990-1994 models.

yep... my climate control lcd died (1991 ls400).... but everything still worked (except the lcd)

if its not a fuse, i would pull out the climate control unit and check if one of the connectors has come loose.

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