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Looking For Is 200

buying new

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Hey everyone,

I have recently had to get rid of my old car and I am currently just getting by in a 1983 peugot 309 that feels like I may have to get home Flinstones style with a hole in the floor! So I have searched some cars now and I feel it is time to upgrade to a lexus is200. Just wondering if anyone can give me a push in the right direction to the best place to look for one (maybe one of you might be selling or know someone that may have to part with their car) If you may know how to get some offers. Also some pointers as to what I may have to look out for when buying second hand would be much appreciated.

I have decided not to do too much work today, so I will be looking out for some replies and posts.


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£3k should get you into a 99 or 00 IS200 with 90k-100k on the clock.

You might be able to find a 01 car with say 120/130k for £3k. Don't worry about the mileage, the IS200 can handle the mileage- just make the car has regular servicing done. The timing belt, tensioner and idler on the IS200's need changing every 60k/6 years (whichever comes first). Make sure that the car you are looking at has this work done.

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Something like this?

As its registered before 1st March 2001, the road will be £185 this year. An IS200 reg'd after 1st March 2001 will be taxed at £210 (going up to £400, although I think this is on hold now?).

Cars reg'd before 01/03/01 are taxed on engine size (<1500cc and >1500cc), where as cars reg'd after 01/03/01 are taxed on CO2 emissions.

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Hey welcome to LOC mate, Im a newbie myself and have taken the plunge and bought a 2000 'W' reg IS200 Sport in the colour Platinum ice.

Im not the best for giving buying advise out but just look for signs of accident damage ec, I dont think these cars rust but have a look anyway (it could be due to poor accident repair if there is)

There seem to be quite a few out there with poor or no service history at all and I think this is a testament to the build quality, Thet just keep going.

I paid £2k for mine and Ive spent £400 so far and will probably have to spend another £200 for it to be as near to perfect as possible....The money Ive spent though is service cost, wheel refurb....Im going to replace one front shocker and have the coolant changed....All this is just where and tare though and it doesnt bother me as its just maintainence and nothing serious.

You wont be dissapointed, Mines the smoothest car Ive ever driven and Ive driven many nice cars.

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