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10 Year Service


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Popped into lexus to get a price for my service later in the year. They are quoting me £540 for the pleasure, that doesnt include any belts changed, cos that would be over £1000.

Do people use an independant garage, and if so, what sort of price should i be expecting.

What they told me is pretty much all the oils changed and thats it.



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Personally I can't see the point of taking a 10-year-old car to the main dealers to get it serviced, you'd get it done for less at an independent specialist. Don't know what part of London you're in, but I'm planning on taking mine to ToyotaGT when it needs servicing - they're West of London, near Hook.

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His post doesn't say he has a 10 year old car- he wants a 10 year service doing (his car could be 5 years old with 100,000 miles on the clock, meaning he requires a 10 year service).

Anyway, I agree with Stevie, find a good indy to do the work- no point in taking a car to a dealer once its out of warranty IMHO. There's a couple of good indy's in/around London.

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