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Lexus Engine/ Old Celica Engine/ Timing Belt

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help with the belt issue I had yesterday I have decided to get the emchanic from Honda ( where I work) to do the belt.

Then he said a couple of things I wanted to ask the experts

1 do you need a special lexus/ toyota tool for the bottom pulley???

2 Is the IS200 Engine the same or very similar to the old Toyota Celica engine??

Thanks Guys, I have printed off the walk through pictures on how to change the belt that guide is very good nice one Kev Watkins>



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1. There is a special tool for this, yes, but I don't think you need to use it. I've not done it, but if you can't get it undone, it's usually suggested that you brace a breaker bar against a bit of the chassis then briefly turn the engine over to apply the leverage to loosen it. Edit - see this thread.

2. Don't know how similar it is, but I think your mechanic is thinking of the 4-cylinder 3S-GE engine, which is in the Altezza RS200, rather than the 6-cylinder 1G-FE in the IS200. I'm sure he won't have any particular problem though.

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