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Oxygen Sensor And Various Other Warnings

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The illuminations have started on my 55 reg GS300. Only had it a couple of weeks and I got it from a Lexus dealer so not expecting any problems. Nipped to the shop today and noticed the engine management light was on, the warning exclamation next to it, the vehicle skid light and the dash said Check VSC. It's under warranty so in the end the RAC came out, did a diagnostic and could only find the oxgen sensor bank 1 fault.

My question is: could this also trigger the other warnings (VSC) or is it likely there are 2 (or more faults)? The RAC guy said he couldn't see any connection between them so assumed at least 2 faults.

The car is being collected tomorrow and taken to the dealer. The car seems to be driving OK, no obvious faults, noises, etc.


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It's unlikely to have multiple faults. It the series III is like the series II the VSC warning light will come on with the engine light whether there is an actual VSC fault or not.

It may be that when the engine is not fully working that VSC etc is disabled which is why the warning lights come on.

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