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Lexus Is 250 Converted To Mph From Kph

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Hi Guy's,

Recently got my Oz built IS250 back to the UK got Speedo converted Odo reads MPH. However, what I can't do is change the Range, Fuel Consumtion etc on the Multi-Function Display. The Drivers Manual doesn't provide any details other than what it say's it does on the tin. I went to the Aberdeen Lexus dealership and they 'think' that it can be done by electronic settings on the on board computer. Being an electronics guy by trade I don't doubt it can be done but I think it is likely to be a 'chip change' so that the display has dual function settings like a UK built IS would have?

Any thoughts out there?

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You need to change the data in the clocks, I've done IS200, LS460, CS430 mainly for the imporsters. It works.

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