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Headlight Issue Still

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Hi everyone, as a few of you may know i had a slight headlight issue which i sorted. Well i thoought i had!?? :unsure: I had sorted so that the headlight works everytime.

Well today i go to the car climb in as you do and could here a clunking sound. I was heading round to my folks so i decided to check it out when i was there as all my tools are there as got nowere to store them at my flat. I get there and turn off the engine and pop the bonet to find that the clunking is still going on. Very quickly i find that its the headlight relay, how anoyed was i :angry:! After abit i find that the relay still clicks away when the engine is turned off, when the head light is turned on it stops, like it surpose to when the relay is closed to make the circuit.

After looking at the circuit diagrams and playing around abit it seems like it could a few different things. There is a leak from one of the earhts which is supplying the relay with .5V to be acting like it is? Or the ralay has gone up the ****er!

So that leads me to a few questtions?

1st what do you guys think?

2nd how much is a headlight relay?

3rd does anyone know were the earth is from the rotary switch?

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