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Transmission Fluid


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Ok, I know this has been discussed many, many times and Type-IV is the one always brought up. However, today I was doing some stuff on my Mk1 GS, and the dipstick has "Type T-II" engraved on it near the fill level markers, and also around the dipstick handle, a sticker that says "Use only Type T-II or equivelent" or words to that effect. Does that mean the earlier cars do not need Type-IV? or is the expensive stuff being misquoted on some ocassions for some models in general?

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Type IV superseeded Type III and that superrseeded the Type T which superseeded the original fluid Type T, so Type IV is now used in place of all the others as they are backwardly compatible. The oils we have that meet Type IV also meet Type II such as this one



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