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My Is200 To Do List

Dan E

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Brought an is200 the other day as some may know, it needs a bit of work doing to it. BUt considering i only paid 1800 for it im happy to spend up to 500 getting up to the mark.

My idea list is, in this order i hope.

HID 6k lights

Front bumper respray

Tint back windows

Paint the calipers a gloss black to make them look nice again.

Please feel free to give more suggestions, not after performance mods just cosmetices to make it look the part.

One more question what mods would be need to make it similar to the sport model, its an se model..

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What is the whole horn mod???

Heard that some people have done it...can someone give me a bit more info??

Is it just a case of loosening the bolt and spinning the horns so you cant see them through the grille???

No mate, you have to take the horns off their current position and move them down to the crash bar so they are not in view thru the grille, you can see where mines have been moved to in one of the pics.


New bolts & washers are needed, but the wires are long enough.

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