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My Lexy Is200 Sport Is Going...


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well peeps, I've gone and been and done it!! I've traded in my beautiful, loved and much cherished IS200 sport. I guess you could say I'm retiring in to the pipe and slippers brigade .... Today, I went and bought a two year old Lexus IS220D (ex- Lexus Directors car). I was trepiditious about doing this, but, I ain't getting any younger and can't do the DIY stuff I did before. So I go into the breach of Pipe and Slippers with a humongous tear in my eye (and a smarting sphincter for spendin the dosh..... oops too much info there I think). Yer ain't gettin rid of me off here though.. ner ner, ner ner ner.....

Col... :lol: :D :lol: :D :winky:

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Good on you for sticking with the badge Col, Hope you enjoy the new motor, hope it's one of the good ones, and a wee drop of sudocream should help the smarting :hehe:

Hee Hee Hee.... I find KY jelly is best these days..... LOL. Must admit, I hate buyin Cars, but, I'm sticking with Lexus. The brand has been great for me. I've had Toyota's before and they were cracking, but the Lexus just floats my boat (is that the right sayin??) over all others. Now all I have to do is get some nice new sheepskin baffies and find a really smelly pipe tobacco and I'll be an even happier bunny.... LOL

Col... :hehe: :D

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Congrats on the new purchase Colin .... though yes definitely too much information there :lol:

Ta Janey... It's wednesday now, and one day to go before I get my IS220D. Just looked at my IS200 and, my heart is sinking. I'm really sad (pathetic eh?) that it's going. This car has given me nothing but pleasure, even though their are some wee niggles in the design. It is truly the best car I have ever, ever, ever had. ( Toyota's, Alfa's, BMW's, Volvo and more are not a patch). Although I am excited about my journey into pipe and slippers, this will be the very 1st time I'll feel like I'll have to go in to mourning for the loss of a/my car. Still, I'm stickin with the brand as feel it is near the top of "The Best" list.

This forum has been, and is, brilliant. I've, and, still will enjoy the support, friendly approach, and solid advice from everyone who has helped me when I needed advice.

Thanks a zillion million, and I hope my experience with the new beastie will be as good. (if not better if that's possible??).. lol

Col... :hehe::lol: :) :winky:

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