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As said Denso or NGK iridium suit Toyota/Lexus engines.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I really am in a pickle with this, and I suppose it is wholly down to my lack of experience with an LS400.

I previously posted about my engine returning from a service by an independent garage being a bit lumpy. Lexus discovered that it was down to arcing across the No7 lead to the distributor. Something that was not picked up when the service was done.

The garage that did the service recommended NGK platinum but wanted £90 to supply and £60 to fit. I requested that I supplied my own plugs, which I did - the Bosh FR5's - at a cost of £53, so quite a saving.

I just find it odd that a car that is running perfectly can go in for a service and come out worse than it went in. I cannot blame the garage for the arcing across the distributor, but I would have thought they'd have noticed it and told me.

The reason for asking about the suitability of the Bosh plugs, is to attempt to find out if others have had problems with them in the LS400 or whether it makes little or no difference to using NGK's or Denso. :)

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