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Rent A Ramp

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Just wanting to get the communities thoughts, on an idea that me and few of my friends have been banding about for years.

There are a lot of large industrial units up for rent in our area just now, and us guys have no where to work on our motors when we want.

Getting a small lock between us is not an option as one of my friends grew up on a farm and has been spoiled with large sheds to work his cars and will not settle for anything that small. But he is also too tight to shell out for an industrial unit.

Which got me thinking if we had a large unit, where we could work on our cars after work. Would there be a market for renting out ramp / floor space during the day or when we were there too?

£20 for a ramp

£10 for the floor

basic tools and airlines provided.

Kind of like this but in my area

Even if it didn't make money a business the idea would be to subsidies it enough to be affordable for us.

What do you guys think ?

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The ideas great and I wish there was something near me that did that.

But as u say I only think it'd subsidies a business.

But I do think they'd be a definate weekend Market and a small weekday trade unless you offered late service.

Good luck if u go for it.

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they have them a lot in germany, local one to me is 12 euro per hour for a 2 post 4T ramp. i would check liability insurance out first then go from there.

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