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06 Rx400H And Connecting My Iphone

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I have just bought a 2006 RX400h (not the one with touch screens etc)

I use my Iphone with TomTom nav loaded.

Could any one please help me to find the best solution to connect my Iphone to my car if it is possible either into the stereo or simply into the wiring harness.

I want to put the TomTom Iphone cradle to the right of my steering wheel on the dash by the front screen pillar.

Any help gratefully received


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have you looked at the dension ice range, i have the gateway 100 in my 2004 ls and it works the Iphone through the stereo screen and stereo buttons aswell as charging it. fitting is easy, just unplug din plugs on back of stereo, plug in new leads and then plug stereo leads into new leads. you do lose the 6 cd changer thats built in, but the gain is 1000s of ipod tracks

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I'm new to the forum, great forum. I have a RX400h 2008 with navigation screen. Is it possible to transfere the adress book from an Iphone? Or any one knows about an application that will do it. Belive the information in the Iphone adress book where the phone numbers are also contains a lot more informtion.

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