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Is 250 Mark Levinson Cd Problem

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Hi everyone,

Is 250 2008

Thanks again for the many kind replies recently to a few queries getting used to my my Sat Nav !

Unfortunately another problem is getting worse.On the first day of ownership the CD produced no sound although the radio, climate, sat nav works fine. I loaded 6 discs and the screen showed all 6 correctly and the tracking works but NO SOUND !

On this forum I was advised that the problem may be an optical cable. However as the car is still under warranty I had the problem addressed by Lexus Wolverhampton. They said that they had not experienced a similar problem and consulted with "Head Office" who advised them to disconnect and reconnect the amplifier. This worked until I removed the 6 discs and loaded another 6 discs more to my wife's liking. I don't mean to sound unkind but I find it very hard to believe that Lexus Wolverhampton have not had similar issues with CD systems. There are many issues on this forum on the subject but not specifically related to my problem. I also read on this forum that Lexus have issued pdf files related to Mark Levinson. If Lexus have nobody capable of repairing it I intend to request that they replace the CD system or the faulty part if they can identlfy it. I am sure this is reasonable but would appreciate any comments on this situation. Lexus Wolverhampton have agreed to check out the problem so maybe there will be a happy ending.

Best wishes,


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so they haven't done anything with the optical cable?

Hi Rory,

I mentioned the optical cable to Lexus. I assumed ( wrongly ? ) that they looked at it but when it goes back to them shortly I shall be more insistemt.

Thanks for your reply. Peter

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I don't know about the optical issue you mention however I had CD issues (skipping or random jumping) and Lexus Reading had someone in to look at it and even though they could not find the fault the CD unit was replaced under warranty. Most impressed at their attitude (and also had all four wheel replaced at the same time).

Have you ask to have the CD unit replaced?


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