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Rx400H Metallic Clink Noise When First Driving Off

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Hi - I have an RX400h 2005 that when you initially drive off (after being parked up) has a 'dry' metallic clinking noise (clinks a couple of times)at low speed which disappears as speed increases. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - Many thanks

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Could it be your rear brake pads?

I have just changed mine and the disks.

I was horrified to see how badly worn and rusted they were after 3 years and 35k...

ALSO, I was shocked to see how tight the pads are in the calipers.

No wonder my mpg is down and brakes makeing noises at low speeds when I am driving with the rear brakes continually rubbing.

I had to grind 0.5 mm off the lugs on the new pads to get them to fit. BAD QC or design!!!!

BTW in case you didn't know, the rear brake disks also have brake drums which are used for the hand (foot)/ parking brake.You will need to release the shoes with a screwdiver on the toothed wheel through the hole in the disk covered by a rubber plug if the disk doesn't come off easily.

I will post this info seperatly in case it gets missed here.

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