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Car Pulling To The Left. Help!


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So the past week or so, the lex has decided it wants to pull to the left, quite bad.

Whats worse is, when I brake it then pulls to the right.

Was on the motorway last night, doing a considerable speed, I brake, and it pulled violently to the right.

What is causing this and how is it fixed?

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was fine as far as I can remember. I may have hit some potholes but who doesn't?.

True, no just meant did you hit anything unusually large? Might be worth giving Tony at WIM a call or post on the WIM forum and see what he thinks?

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Had a similar problem,

When accelerating the car would pull to the left, then braking it would go right.

Had 4 wheel laser tracking done but it did not cure the problem.

In the end it was a worn out ball joint (passenger side)

Best to get it checked, jack the car up and get a bar to move the wheel up and down

if it is the ball joint you will be able to see the play in it. Check both sides.

Cheap fix.

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hmmm, havn't got any way of jacking it up. I'm taking it to a garage next wednesday. Needs a service too. Will get them to look at it.

Was thinking of that WIM thingy. Its a bit of a trek to take it to them though. I'm in Liverpool you see. What is it they do and is it worth it?

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wims alignment is a modified version of the factory guide and basically and a general problem with the is200 is the excessive inner tyre wear leading to needing regular tyre changes on the front which gets very annoying and expensive

WIMS modified guide sorts this out and gives you an even tyre wear and most members swear by it and also highly reccomend WIMs

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