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Just A Quicky For You All To Laugh At


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Recently took few days of work to go in work and do some work on my own car. Did you follow that? I am a mechanic and instead of bringing all my tools home i took few days of work to work on my own car in work.

Anyway head gasket timing belt water pump thermo stat clutch all done. Car was over heating after rediator burst earlier in the year. Used small amounts of water but got worse and worse. Had to be done so got on with it. Cylinder head skim done as well just to make sure everything is all sweet to rebuild. Water pump went in as well didnt need it but ordered it so might as well stick it in. New stat, fan switch and rad cap so all cooling system mechanicals changed job lot done forget about it again now.

Cam belt/timing belt full kit tensioners idler the lot all thrown on as well.

While the head was away being skimmed flat i pulled gearbox out to change the squeaky thrust bearing.

All nice and new now with bit more power as well due to head skim and slightly higher compression now.

Anyway the fun bit turns out the the new clutch thrust bearing was as squeeky as the old one, so this morning out came the gearbox again. Another new clutch went in and now its all quite.

Weird thing was as i came to back up of the ramp this morning i couldnt get reverse, the gear lever hit the hand brake.

The gear stick is handed/sided. Its got a slight bend in it boys and girls put it in the worng way round and reverse is very hard to find lol. Lucky for me its only 8 bolts to take it out again but though it would be a little thing to note should anyone ever come across the chance to do their own clutch DONT PUT YOUR GEARSTICK IN THE WRONG WAY ROUND

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Not many rear wheel drive cars out there any more Ormi. Been a while since i actually had to pull a gearstick out.

Theres normally a very distinct cuvre to a gearstick but the Lexus one is pretty subtle. I didnt even check it to be honest it looked so straight. New what it was i had done as soon as i done it. Just backed car of ramp (had to let handbrake of to get it in reverse) took 10mm socket home with 1/4 drive ratchet did it at home simple job thankfully.

Was annoyed at having to do the clutch twice though. Used an ADL blue print clutch as well (never had a fault with them before). Think i may just get my garage to invoice me for the labour and send in a labour claim, that way i get paid for doing it the second time.

I live and work in East Manchester D6NGR. Droylsden area.

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