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Changing Tyres For 430


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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and would like to get some advice from you guys, who might also be SC owners or know a lot about this car. I have a SC430 for almost a year now and I usually take it to just normal garage for maintenance instead to the dealers. I'm planning to change the tyres but heard that the wheels have to go to the exact same place after putting on new tyres (i.e i can't put the two front wheels to the back and vice versa. was planning to do that because the original tyres in front were still pretty new so wanted to just move the two front wheels to the back but was warned not to do so ). Is this really the case or again it's something to do with the tyre sensor? Also one of the tyre seems always losing air but i just don't know why. Would really want some advice advice on this. Thanks a lot.

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thats not true at all.

as long as you use the same sensor on the rim ,you'll have no problems.

the guys that do the tyres have to be careful not to damage the sensors ,

wheel and sensors can go on anyway you want...msn-wink.gif

Thanks so much for the advice. That has clear the air. =)

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