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Hi all.

Well, recently bought a 1999 IS200 sport as a 3rd/hobby car and paid far too much for it as well.

It was not really intentioned, I just sort of liked it and felt sorry the car.

It needs lots of work done mainly electrical, wiring missing or broken, lots of faults i,e, ABS, TRC, aircon, airbags failure, broken cooling fans, some lights not working, etc, etc. So I have lots of work to look forward to. For a change the missus didn't mind as she likes the car as well and said it will keep me out of the pub.

So I will probably have lots of questions and I am already having problems getting comprehensive wiring diagrams, I also need a good location for parts, I am currently making a list but seem to find more parts are needed every time I take a look around the poor motor.

Best Regards

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Thanks for that will be very useful. Should have a catalogue of bits needed some time soon and its getting longer all the time, the other problem i have is where parts are missing will need a complete Is200 to have a look at some time in and around the engine bay although a good selection of photographs will do just as well, probably plenty on here already.


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