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Check Engine Message And Vsr Ligt On


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Hi guys

These messages are coming on about 1 minute into the journey

The vsr light cannot be over ridden by the switch

Lexus say its an oxygen sensor £300 plus vat

I've also heard it could be the petrol filler cap

I pick the car up from the dealer on Sunday so i am a little concerned

Is it possible to check the service history for my car as the garage seem to have

mis placed it

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Hi and welcome to the LOC.

You say you are "picking up the car from the dealer on Sunday" I take it this is not a Lexus dealer but any dealer should be sorting this problem out for you BEFORE you make the purchase.

If you are saying they are selling the car to you with the fault I would tell them where to go and walk away from the sale.

It also seems a little suspicious that the garage has seemingly "misplaced" the service history if so what proof do you have it ever had a service history?

Any Lexus dealer should be able to provide a service printout on production of ownership documents IF the servicing was carried out by Lexus,if it was done independently there will be no records on their database.

At this moment I would take with a pinch of salt what the Lexus dealer says is the problem with the car,guessing over the phone that the oxygen sensor is faulty is in my opinion very unprofessional,they at least need to examine the car and check any stored OBDII fault codes before coming to a diagnosis.It would appear that the dealer you contacted wasn't particularly interested in new business and decided to fob you off,suggests to me to find another Lexus dealer. The petrol filler cap causing this problem is one I haven't heard before.

All in all the sale seems sus to me on the above grounds and I would think very carefully what you are doing,even if the dealer offers a warranty,which they have to by law, these are normally limited to the main components and may not be comprehensive.

PS you seem to have already asked this question in another post and received advice from other members including myself,my advice remains the same,if in any doubt walk away.

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