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On the first press of the keyfob lock button the car locks its doors and flashes the indicators once. If I then leave the car, a few minutes later the alarm goes off, siren, horns, flashing indicators, etc.

Now I've noticed that once I've locked the car, if I wait a few seconds and press the lock button again, the car again makes the "chunk" lock sound but flashes the indicators five times. Whenever I've done that the alarm has never sounded.

I read the manual but I didn't quite understand the whole "security" bit. So can someone explain what's going on?

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As far as I am aware, the second press of the lock button on the key fob will disable the interior motion sensors.

The triggering of the alarm after a few minutes is a problem that quite a few Mk 4 owners seem to experience - myself included. In my case, when I first bought the car I used to stick a large bunch of keys in the central cubby hole, underneath which is one of the alarm sensors. I no longer keep any metallic objects in the central stowages, and have not had any more problems. I seem to recall that the sensor mounted there is adjustable, and one of the forum members had his adjusted some time ago - the relevant thread is probably 2 or 3 years old. A search of the alarm posts may throw up the correct thread. I first read about this on the USA forum about 5 years ago so a further search there may prove beneficial.

Regards to all


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Thats what I also understood , but a quick look through the owners manual reveals no mention of the 2nd press of the alarm fob.

the motion sensor (which seems to often be loose) is under the center armrest , only an afternoons work to remove and replace.

it just has a single sensitivity control on the thing .

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