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  1. I've got a MK4 for sale. £900 ono. In the cars for sale section... Mike
  2. I've got a MK4 that I am now selling. Its a 1998 in Gold 216k on the clock Cambelt changed at 201k in 2009 Aircon Regassed about a month ago, it didn't really need it, but it just didn't feel right - OK Now MOT til November Tax til end Sept (I think) Looking for no less than £900 for it. Reason for sale is I have bought a caravan that we store in the New Forest and I just can't afford to keep running down there in the LS, so I've bought myself a diesel. PM me if interested, or call me on 0784 1863368. Car is based in Reading, Berks and ready to go. Thanks Mike
  3. Gordon, Welcome to LOC. I keep saying the same about my '98 LS400, clearly the best car I've ever driven, despite its age and 216k on the clock. Mike
  4. Hi and welcome to LOC. Mike
  5. Hi Gareth, Welcome to LOC. 2001 with only 17k, great find :) Mike
  6. Roy, If you turn the temp down to "cold" I think the AC should run all the time. If you do this and it still kicks out after a few seconds, it sounds like low pressure in the AC system, which normally means just a top up, but you've just had that done? Mike
  7. Allan, Welcome to LOC. Mike
  8. Hi Geoff, welcome BACK to LOC. Mike
  9. Thanks to the Ebay seller.... He has emailed me today to inform me that a new bulb is in the post today :) Well done mate. Mike
  10. I have just joined the AA after buying a road legal quad bike and wanting cover for both that and my car. I did see the Repair Cover, but thought it would be full off loopholes and get out clauses, so just went for the straight roadside and recovery, for which I am paying £7.21 per month. I'm not saying it is a farse, it's just that I was worried about how good it would really be and too lazy to find out. In principle, I must say, it sounds amazing?? Thanks Mike
  11. Well, I've had a mad day of it today. I ordered a new relay from Maurice (thanks mate it turned up today) and fitted it today. The drivers light went out after about 20 minutes, so this evening I...... Bypassed the relay bypassed the fuse and fuse box Fed a new earth feed directly to the ballast pack, thus bypassing all the car's - wiring Fed a new live feed directly to the ballast pack, thus bypassing all the car's + wiring All this led me to one MUST be the bulb, even though it's been doing it since I fitted it. So as a last attempt to pinpoint the problem, I swapped the the passenger's headlight goes out after about 20mins, proving it's the bulb. So what's the chances of driving home one day and your drivers light goes out after 20mins. You buy a new set of bulbs and replace them. 20 mins after switching the lights on, the drivers light goes out, leading me to think it's something else....Just goes to show, just because something is new, it's not a certainty that it's fault free. I have asked the Ebay seller to send me another bulb and when/if he does and I fit it, I will test the lights to prove my theory and confirm to you. Thanks Mike
  12. Hi Pep and welcome to LOC. Enjoy your second car :) Mike
  13. Yes, mate. You're welcome. Happy to help and it was nice to meet you! Mike
  14. Hi, I have a MarkIV and it has 216,000 miles on the clock. Still drives great and is the quietest, smothest car I have ever driven, including the three 7 series BMW's that I owned with half those miles on. Moral of the story, don't be put off by high mileage :) Thanks Mike
  15. No longer required as I've ordered one from Maurice. Just hope it fixes the problem :) Mike
  16. Hi and welcome to LOC... Mike
  17. Hi, Has anyone got a headlight relay for a '98 MKIV LS400 I could buy. I now reckon that's the cause of my intermittent headlamp failure. Thanks Mike
  18. Hi and welcome to LOC. Mike
  19. No longer required as neither of these are the fault. I think it's the relay now :( Thanks Mike
  20. OK, I've got an update and a new question. Today, I have swapped over the ballast packs and the fault stayed on the driver's side. All the wiring looks ok with no obvious breaks and wiggling the wires made no difference. Bear in mind that one the light goes off, if I turn the lights off and on again, the light comes on as usual. My question is, could this be down to the headlamp relay? If so, does anyone know how much a new one would cost? Thanks Mike
  21. Hi, I am having trouble with my drivers side headlamp keep going out. I have changed the bulbs, but it's still the same. Does anyone have a RH Headlamp complete, or just the ballast pack for sale. Thanks Mike
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