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Hi all,

Just wanted to say hi, feel like I know some of you already having read the forum for a while.

I thought I had better register so as not to be rude.

I'm not currently an LS400 owner, but hope to be very soon.

Her indoors says I suffer from "Vehicular Tourettes" so hopefully an LS will calm me down :)

I have a small budget so I suppose a later model with a 5 speed box is out of the question, are the 4 speed ones much worse or just less economical?

I'm all ears to any tips as to what to look out for to avoid buying a dog, but by the sounds of it they seem to be very strong cars so fingers crossed.

Anyway, any advice always much appreciated and just to let you know I have a very thick skin so feel free to take the mickey, but be warned I have been known to dish it out as well ;)



PS Any members up my way in the Warrington area? I would love to have a look at a car in the flesh with someone actually pointing to bits I need to look out for.

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Oh forgot to say, if anyone knows of a decent one for sale please let me know.

Age isn't as important as knowing it's come from a club member who has probably looked after it.

My budget is quite low under a grand so I've got just about everything crossable crossed. I know there are some bargains out there "ont tinterweb" and I'm not afraid to do some spannering and soldering so I'm kinda looking forward to getting an old girl back to full health.

Any way all suggestions and advice always gratefully received.



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