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Does anyone know if the mechanism that extends and retracts the steering wheel is an easy fix.

At present mine has stopped extending and retracting when you put the key in the ignition to start the car.

I can manually adjust it to move up and down but can't get it to extend even manually by the knob on the steering column.

I can hear it click but it won't move.

Any tips appreciated.


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Cant help with the fix unfortunately, but my old mk1 Sport did the exact same thing just before I sold it. All I can suggest is trying to disconnect the Battery (make sure you have your stereo security code first if it is enabled) to see if the steering column ecu resetting sorts it out. Maybe the ecu has lost track of where it's current position is.

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wooohooo i think i can help someone at last.....had the same problem.....took both motors off, took everything else off around the steering....turns out that there is a metal ring surrounding the shaft, it grabs hold of the shaft to much and stops it extending....its split so you can get a pry bar in there which i did and move it slightly,,,grease it up,,,,lots of gt85 later and all done..had it for a year now and the problem has not returned...

hope this helps matey...

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