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Rx300 - Transmission Failure

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New to this forum but running out of options so would really appreciate any help/advice?

We have a 2001 (51) RX300 which started behaving very erratically four weeks or so ago. Called AA out and they advised taking it to a Lexus dealer as it looked like the transmission had failed, which we did.

Lexus dealer ran diagnostics against it and it came up with the following codes

P0770 Shift solenoid "e" malfunction

P1135 Air Flow sensor heater circuit (bank 1 sensor 1)

Long story short it would cost close to £4K to repair with an exchange transmission and the car is only probably worth £5K. On top of that, we paid £1300 only four weeks before for the 80000 mile service (it has full main Lexus dealer service history), so when I add that to the £4K it just doesn't make sense to get it repaired. :-(

Best Lexus can do is provide the number of a local scrap dealer who offered me £200 for it, or provide a similar amount as trade in against a new Lexus. Neither option is particularly attractive (our local Lexus dealership closed down last year so it's a 100 mile round trip to the nearest, which sort of puts me off getting another one!). I've also spoken to Lexus GB and not much happening there either.

So I'm open to listen to advice or offers?



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I also found this on EBAY, its for RX350 - 07REG I guess its same thing as that of the RX300

I also found this in my area Mister Transmission, Gearboxes based in Charlton -Telephone: 0208 2691100

They claimed they,ve worked on a loads of Lexus RX gear boxes, I dont know how far that is true,

Plz get a ref b4 you use them

Good luck

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