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Being an authorised Lamin-X dealer, i thought it would be rude not to give my headlights and fogs of my new pride and joy some headlight protection treatment!

Here is a during (left side standard, right side tinted)


And an 'after'!


I think it adds quite a cool look to the car. ive installed the yellow tint on quite a few fogs before, but this is the first time I have installed the subtle tint on the headlights. I think it gives the car a nice look. What do you guys think?


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Guys (and girls), just to confirm, im not here advertising anything! Just wanted to show my first mod to my new pride and joy (didnt take me long, only bought the car yesterday!!). To stress, this is NOT an advertisment thread, merely some pics to show you how proud I am of my new car and the first of many modifications to make my GS300 into a sleeker VIP-style machine.

Hope thats okay? I really dont want to annoy any mods etc as I recognise im new to the forum and really am not trying to contravene any rules.


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Was this hard to do like heating it up abit or use a knife to avoid creases ? i was thinking using yellow film for my front fog lights but its not completely flat surfaced, this was after seeing this on a is200 saloon with a sportcross bumper but the front fog lght lenses is flat surfaced on the sportcross model.

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