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  1. sent you a pm mate. to me? Didn't get it, sorry...
  2. Neil is right, but there is an autoleads fascia you can buy which has frames for both single and double din, you just fit whichever matches your stereo...
  3. It's essentially a mix of t5 and t3 sized bulbs, but the heater unit and clock will require you to be very handy with a soldering iron. Dash clock, rear fog switches and ignition ring are basically plug and play though. For the trc/seat switches etc, it's very fiddly as the bulb that lights to indicate the switch is on (as opposed to the one that lights up when you put on sidelights) is behind a coloured piece of plastic. Don't forget the cigarette lighter bulb and the door switch controls as well if you want to get them all...
  4. Probably best to do that in photoshop, gimp or even ms paint, editing a photo of your car.
  5. It's a fairly simple thing you need, check ebay for is200 autoleads amp bypass cable. The Lexus stereo system (as you've worked out) isn't using standard wiring, where your sony stereo will. If you get the cable I mention above, it plugs into the cable that leads to the lexus amp behind the glovebox and terminates in a standard iso plug that will fit your sony stereo. Take out the glove box, unplug the amplifier from the far side, connect that to the bypass lead, which then plugs into your stereo. Simples.
  6. The instructions I have for the mirror unit expect that you already have it (i.e. they are purely fitting instructions). As for how it's built, I have no idea, that's a question for someone else. If you want the full closure details, PM me and I'll see what I can do for you.
  7. The IS200 stereo doesn't match the ISO standard used in most aftermarket setups; hence the need to bypass the existing amp. It's not too difficult to do (even I managed it without resorting to help), and my setup sounds fine without any additional amps/subs etc The bypassing is simple - attempting to keep the existing amp and connect it to an aftermarket unit - very much wouldn't be.
  8. I have one like ormi's second pic (with the Lexus logo on it).. They're not illuminated, no. Just shiny. And machined from a single piece of alloy, satisfyingly heavy in the hand.
  9. I can honestly tell you I have no idea. All I know is that there were wires connected to the electric windows in each door which then ran up the sills of the car, terminating in the drivers footwell. Those were connected to some relays, and some more wires were connected to the mirror unit, which was connected to the alarm trigger and a couple other places. Witchcraft happened and now when I hit the lock button on the fob, the mirrors close in and any open windows will shut. The actual detail I don't really know, Ormi and Rabster did all the work during the JAE weekend.
  10. I went with the same club as Stav, did look for a LOC stand but couldn't find one...
  11. I had one of these units fitted recently, and with some additional wiring (run by Ormi, connected by Rabster) I now have full closure on my car
  12. To have a topic pinned/made a sticky, you need to get a mod to do it - chuck a PM at one of the moderators...
  13. Forward the mails to the mod team; they'll ban him/her/it
  14. Not exactly aftermarket, but they look good to me B)
  15. Yep, Steve, I'd say a number of those are spambots... Report them to a moderator and they'll get banned from the forum...
  16. You can do it yourself easy enough... I managed it and I struggle to work out which end of the screwdriver to hold... for an IS200 Sport you need an amplifier bypass cable as well as the fascia. The standard amplifier is bolted to the car behind the glovebox,all you need do is get at the back of the amp, connect the white plug from there to the bypass lead, run the lead to the back of the stereo and plug in your stereo's ISO outputs to the bypass lead. Job done. Seriously - If I can manage it - anyone can.
  17. Mat is right, there is a lot of info on this site if you can find your way round the search functionality; but a lot of the more active members moved on a while back as kam said. There's also, which , although it's american can be good for info as well... I've seen the LS owners talking about as well. Think the RX owners are pretty much boned though, if what they want/need isn't found here - don't think there are other forums for them (AFAIK)...
  18. :D How does it feel, Jim, to be able to prove your car actually does have an engine to the passengers...
  19. The lead you have been left with should fit into the back of the stereo, and end in two clips into which the bypass lead ISO fittings will go. If not then go shout at Halfords for making a bottom of things. And yes, I am determinedly avoiding the swear filter there :)
  20. Wow - I knew the LS was highly specced, but I didn't realise it came with its own inflatable life raft! :)
  21. Your local Lexus dealer will sell you one for around £65 - way better than the £80 odds Halfords will charge... A lot of people have asked this and been surprised by the answer, give them a call...
  22. The cable looks the same as the one I bought. You should be fine with any aftermarket stereo, as they all come with standard (ISO) sockets - the IS has non ISO standard wiring to the head unit, one of the purposes of the lead is to let you connect ANY aftermarket stereo with the standard sockets.
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