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Clock Light Battery Drain - Info Please?

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Hi there, I recently had the CD player changed to an aftermarket cd player, I got the harness from amazon and now my clock light stays on all of the time so in turn drains the Battery dead if I dont run for a day or two. I read on another post that I need to change two wires around on the harness cable but I tried this on the weekend and nothing seemed to happen. Does anyone have any more detail on how I can fix this please? Thanks

Model is IS200 (2001)

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Have got the same problem,

My radio was changed and the amp was completely removed and everything rewired in

Another thing is the lights on reminder has stopped sounding

Got an auto electrician to look at it but he couldn't get to the bottom of problem

disconnecting clock stopped air con working

Clock seems to be drawing 0.2A.

There was another 0.1 going but removing Radio2 fuse stopped that without anything else going

So at the moment just doing trickle charge every week or so

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Ive just had this problem this week. If you've not sorted it yet i will tell you what i did.

If you notice the bypass connector doesnt have a red live wire, this is the problem... There are 2 yellow wires within the bypass iso that connect together at the end in the block connector. Now if you look at the block connector from your stereo you will see you have the black/red/yellow you will see nothing goes to the red wire(live) i only come across this when i made a live wire to power up the stereo from my ignition.

What you need to do is split the yellow wires, one is a live and one is accessories. The one i used as a live (the red one) is the yellow wire that comes from the bottom of the conector grey wire on the main connector (if that makes sense).

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i am having the same problem. im not too clear on your wire info, is there anywhere i can get wiring diagrams for the back of the connectors to the clock/A.C and the stereo?

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