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to fill time between now and next Tuesday when I pick up the car I've been browsing the forums and learning about pie plate wheel trims (I have them), lack of room when the roof is down, getting rear parking sensors fitted etc. etc. Probably exactly what many other SC430 owners have gone through at one time or another, and I'm just the latest! Still, thought I'd post a bit of what I've discovered in case it might help others.....

pie plate wheel centres/trims - the oem Lexus silver (not chrome) 5 spoke trims alternative are available on in the States, tho. none seem to deliver to the UK. Prices range from $30 each up to $166 each!! or $299 for a set of four. Have ordered a $30 set for delivery to a friend in USA who is sending them on - cheaper than a new set of alloys I thought, as long as they fit!


fitted boot luggage - I had read on more than one .com Lexus forum about luggage produced for the boot tailored to fit in the space left with the roof down. Sets are on at $133 + shipping and they do deliver to the UK - currently badged as 50% off the original price. The two bags get good reviews by owners and as we will be using our car for touring UK/Europe I wanted a set.

Avoid eBay though and go direct to the maker's website and the cost is even cheaper - $99 plus shipping:


rear parking sensors - on my car set up the OEM lexus sensor kit I'm told doesn't mute the ICE, and was quoted £599 today by a Dealer to fit lol A place in Aylesbury I've used before will fit a high quality set for £240 inc painted which sounds more reasonable....

Have also just coughed up for the insurance so all that is left is to work up my story about the additional and essential costs of ownership of this great car to give to the SO tonight. That could be trickier lol.

And all I need now is a spare wheel kit for the European trips - available from USA if you have $1000 + to spare..............hmm I wonder

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Couple of things, someone updated the alloys on my 2002 SC to those of the 2009 model, makes it look a lot newer (possibly very expensive though). The luggage will not fit if you have the space saver rear wheel in the boot, which incidentally I thought was provided free to all Lexus UK owners at no cost as the run flats are pretty bad on UK roads. For insurance I got mine for £280 with Admiral MultiCar (but I am old). Enjoy your motoring, I've just come back from 1,000 miles on the French auto routes, very pleasant in the SC and din't see another one anywhere!

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Sounds like a great trip - am immediately envious, how comfortable is the car for you on long trips, especially the seats?

I may go for newer alloys at some point, though by then I may just go for a newer 430! Thanks for the steer on spacesaver and luggage - on a euro trip would have to look to put bag or the tyre in the rear seat area.

That's a great insurance price you got - I can't touch it though I need business use so not that surprised. Roll on Tuesday

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The twist centre caps arrived from the States Friday and were fitted by Saturday. For me the caps improve the look and stance of the car and are a tremendous improvement. With 10 bolts per cap to undo, some with the star thread stripped, it was a long job, tho' worth it.



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Love those centre caps - mine look awful, and either need refurbished or replaced.

Any information of a supplier to the UK?

Also the bags!

Tried to order through the dealer, but only supplies to the USA.

Any 'friends' who could assist delivery to UK?

Any Information gratefully received.

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