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  1. Fred Bassett

    Cambelt Question

    SC430 now 10 years old with 60,000 miles (3500 since last service and always garaged-my pet car!) Always serviced with Lexus Belfast - loved the brand so much I even purchased a further Lexus (LS460) from them last year. To get the price down (yes, I was hopeful!), I asked for a package to bring the car back to it's formal glory. Asked for detailed prices for service, timing belt, wheel referb, battery and paintwork - accident with garage door:-( For a basic service and timing belt change (no extras), the cost came in at £745 Battery came out at an additional £195 Wheel refurb (no damage to rim) came out at a minimum of £90 each - probably be more they say! Yes I love the brand, the cars and always try to support the dealers, but sometimes I wonder! Although I don't mind paying a premium with a Lexus dealer, This has got me wondering.
  2. Hope you enjoy your new S-class. After a couple of Granada's, my first luxury car was an 380SEL - felt like a barge, but I loved it! The new luxury cars are now in a different league - air suspension with all the toys to keep us boys happy. When I was looking for a car to supplement my SC, I went for the LS due to it's quality and rarity. I love my LS but can understand the purchase - hope you enjoy it. :-)
  3. Fred Bassett

    Adding Another Lexus To The Garage

    Yes, if you get a reliable mechanic, the running costs can be low. For me, it's convenience I need, which Is why I use my local dealer and pay the premium. You got a great price - not as expensive to run as many would think, so a great buy! .
  4. Fred Bassett

    Adding Another Lexus To The Garage

    Enjoying my SC for now 2.5 years. Under warranty I had the headlight-levelling system and both wing mirror motors sorted. The only fault I had to pay for was for the O2 censor's - cost around £700 for the pair - Lexus dealer. If purchasing from Lexus, try for an extended warranty. My local dealer will add an extra years warranty for only £300, which is little for peace of mind. Remember the more toys, the more may go wrong. Having said that, I love the toys!
  5. Fred Bassett

    Sc 430 - An Iconic Car!

    So how many films have you seen this car in? For me, its Matchstick Man What about you?
  6. If only AutoTrader was like this site, then I would own a 'spankingn new' LS. As is is, I have to be content with my own Lexus, and an LS for the future. Common people! What about a proper LS for an owner to cherish!!!!!!
  7. Don't be greedy Steve. Sometimes it comes to us all to relinquish his/her ownership on their vehicle. So if I can assist in taking on the mantel of owning an 'LS400', then I see it as my duty to continue as it's new custodian. Unfortunately your right, its becoming more difficult to acquire the right vehicle. But given time I'm sure the right one will arrive. Some hate the 90's design, but for me it shows the elegance of that decade.
  8. An Audi is a quality car, but so many around at this time, just like BMW's. Sometimes its nice to drive something different. On the driving to work this week, the only car I remember is an Ls400 registration BLZ - - - - Overtook me on consecutive days, the cheeky 'bleep-bleep'. The rarity value shouldn't be ignored.
  9. Fred Bassett

    New Wheels Fitted To Sc430

    Looks great. So what would it cost for us mere mortals to aspire to 'these great wheels'.
  10. Fred Bassett

    For Sale 97 Ls 400 With Private Plate

    With of course a full years MOT.
  11. Unbelievable!!!!!! If only the seller took a few photographs, then he/she would get a quick sale. Remind me to take my time when purchasing my next vehicle!!!!!!!!!
  12. I am located in Northern Ireland and am looking for a pristine LS400 to look after. As the title indicates I am looking for an LS400 to own on a long term basis. I would prefer to view a vehicle in Northern Ireland but would travel to view the right vehicle. So if you know of a vehicle that would benefit from a cosseted future, then please let me know. A vehicle owned by me is a vehicle secured for the future! Thank you for your interest and happy driving.
  13. Fred Bassett

    Comparing A '98 Ls400 To A 02/03 Sc430

    It must be my age, but sometimes it's nice to look at a 90's vehicle. By the way, sometimes the ride is more important than just power and looks!
  14. Just goes to show what you can save by saying NO! Having experienced the engine management light come on, I dropped off the car at Lexus Belfast - fault was the oxygen sensor! Replaced both sensors (on advice) at over £620.00 Apparently this was a reduced price as labour was charged at only 'toyota' rates! Thank goodness I wasn't charged Lexus rates @ £100 per hour!
  15. Fred Bassett

    Comparing A '98 Ls400 To A 02/03 Sc430

    Thanks alphacat! I know where you are coming from, but for me it is different. Having also owned an SC430 for a year, it has made me want to broaden the 'Lexus" experience further. Personally I would love to own an LS, RX and GS to complete the experience (finances permitting!). As a new Lexus owner, I am now 'a fanatic'!!!!!!!!