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  1. Fair points well made 👍 though many of those challenges do not exist in the form often portrayed. Just today 150kwh chargers were launched by BP which will recharge the latest EVs in ten minutes. The National Grid has already confirmed that car charging does not now, and will not present insurmountable infrastructure issues. On street charging via bollards and lampposts is now a commercial reality and spreading fast, and the range offered by EVs is increasing exponentially as research investment increases the same. Cars on sale today from mainstream manufacturers offer 300 + mile ranges, much more than the average male bladder can cope with! Most cars used daily complete trips of less than 100 miles! Hopefully your cul de sac of 18 houses won’t suffer much, if at all - all EV’s can, and often do, charge to full overnight on a 13amp plug. But yes, this is a massive cultural and practical change, requiring behavioural shifts from nations just as the horse, canals and trams were all made redundant by other revolutions. Long trips to Europe (2000 miles+) are common place now, and will only increase. I do hope Lexus are playing the long game, but all the evidence available says not. The UX will be EV’d in the future is all we know, along with the fact that the Lexus CE continues to speak out in public against the ev. Recently the CE of BMW was forced to apologise to shareholders for losing the lead on ev development and production. Yesterday BMW announced a JV with Jaguar on electric drivetrain production. Lexus isn’t quite at the King Canute stage, though I fear that the rising tide on the beach may be starting to tickle their toes 😉
  2. I fitted mine first to my then 2009 GS450h so any help or questions just ask
  3. +1 on disappointed with Lexus on not bringing out ev models, or if they are then the pace must be glacial.....Have just put a deposit down for a Polestar 2 ev due next year, done with regret but cannot wait anymore for Lexus to move on ev cars. By this time next year the vast majority of manufacturers will be offering ev models (Audi/BMW/Jaguar/Honda/Vauxhall/MG/Kia/Hyundai/Mercedes etc etc.) Lexus are imho being left behind and I can’t see how they will easily catch up. Lexus appear to have a cultural objection to ev cars, backed up by the Lexus boss criticising evs and explaining how hybrid is still the way forward. But hybrid relies on carbon fuels which are not now seen as part of the long term future. OK Lexus did bin Diesels and they deserve kudos for that and making hybrids mainstream high end; a move that has carried them through for years, but things change, and the rate of change to ev is now high for high end makers. I hope that they change their mind, but if not my dream of retiring early with a brand new RX ev is not going to happen. The Polestar 2 looks to be a fine car.......
  4. eBay, or more likely a scrappy, though you might have to buy the entire unit with it!! it is worth asking a Lexus Dealer for a might be surprised. Have you got the part number? lastly, can you get an auto electrician to fix the harness? Worth asking as Lexus harness are usually well made....
  5. The Alpine comes with a v clear fitting and aerial guide book, and full details whichever transmission option is chosen, and is just a great piece of well made kit. I’ve used the same kit and set up 5 years in two different Lexus (GS and RX) with great reception, and easy to take out and transfer to the next car. Also the original Alpine is imho better than the later Pure iterations, and is still available new via eBay. What more could a DAB fan want? 🙂 hth
  6. The Vais SL3 sat is the USA Sirius satellite radio set up, so not UK spec and afaik will not work in the UK (on the Vais webpage the explanation makes clear that the set up is USA Sirius specific requiring Sirius coding to get the system up and running). Also the ICE set up in your UK 07 RX350 is v different from the USA car, so to summarise afaik the answer to your question is no. I put digital radio into my RX350 via an Alpine EZI DAB. Quality kit! hth
  7. ps, installation of the Vais stuff is easy, so no need to pay for it to be done if you are handy with a spanner and screwdriver. Sort out what you want and then let us know. Plenty of tutorials around, and sound advice from members on here. Could you post up a picture of your nav/radio set up so we have the specifics of your car?
  8. Congratulations on your RX.....great car. A couple of links below to the Vaistech product which will do Bluetooth, iPod and much more (including dealing with that pesky sat nav safety message which pops up on your screen every time). The SLQ3 is plug and play with your car so all original features are retained. Not cheapest but imho very much the best - they do ship to the UK and have a really helpful helpline. Alternative is to search for Grom products. hth Michael
  9. I doubt Lexus UK are daft enough to publish such obvious Car Play included images without full knowledge. They, and Dealers must have been getting sooo much grief about the lack of Apple and Android compatibility so surely they wouldn’t wind up customers even more...... Mind you, given what Polestar, Jaguar, Audi et al are now doing with ev launches, Android and Car Play could soon be the least of Lexus worries, with luxury ev cars slowly but surely becoming mainstream for companies and individuals? But I guess that’s a discussion for another day eh😉
  10. Oh dear, where to start? First off driving an RX350 doesnt make anyone, but esp me, a rally champion😅 Next, all tourist areas have problems to go with the many £millions and hundreds of jobs brought to the area by visitors. Visitors don't normally turn up equipped with road repair equipment, suggest your relis speak to their Government, MP etc. etc. And finally, unless by 'estate' you mean hundreds of acres of highland slowly but surely being destroyed by poaching of the land for raising animals, then the NC500 is on main roads and doesn't involve any venturing into 'estates'.... Any tourism or increases in numbers causes difficulties for communities everywhere. Surely your relis take holidays and cause problems for others? I bet no prisoners are taken when they go 'rallying' on other peoples' doorsteps? Just saying.. 🙂
  11. We did the NC500 March/April this year, in our RX 350. A fun trip but fully empathise with the above comments about motor home drivers. The day we drove up the Bealach na Bar it snowed on the tops. Came across a dipstick in a hired 16ft motor home near the top (signs at the bottom say no motor homes) scared stiff and expecting me to do all the manoeuvring to let him pass on what is a single track road with small passing places. The terrified look on his face didn’t draw much sympathy from me as I tried to make enough room..... Next day it was a German registered motorhome on another single lane with passing places and switchback bends doh 🙂
  12. Good, will Android Auto and Car Play be incorporated in UK new spec models?
  13. The latest model BMW 1 series is a front wheel drive with fake plastic intakes in the bumper and the dynamics of a wet sponge. Other BMW models will follow...BMW design is following its core customers into middle/old age. Audi/VW are the same, and Volvo have occupied that market segment for what seems like forever lol Once again it seems like Lexus are in trouble only for getting in first 🙂 There is too much on the record evidence of how VW etc use their PR spend with mags to 'force' good coverage, for any objective observer to continue in denial. The unreliability and maintenance costs of German autos, even within warranty, is legendary. Lexus has a market, which is far from VW etc, and thank goodness for that imho:)
  14. The US site is your friend. Try this thread to start with... hth