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  1. It’s alright for you LS owners but ltry running a 2006 RX350. This year, additional to servicing it cost me £10 for new positive battery terminal cover, after only 14 years! OK, I’ll get back to the RX forum now, just wanted you to know how costly Lexus SUV's can get as they reach middle age.....
  2. Currently for sale on Autotrader for £30k
  3. is this an example of the early Lexus systems not allowing phone book access while driving?
  4. Did the RX450 have tpms fitted from launch in 2009 or did they come later? tvm Michael
  5. Comfortable? Tick, very....... Spacious? Tick, loads of room Power? 3.5V6, reliable, powerful Tick Waft? Tick, tick Cheap to run, no, but cheap to buy, yes. Get an SE Nav to avoid suspension trouble. 25 to 30 mpg, v easy on tires I stopped my GS450h for our RX350 due to a need for 4wd. V different, the GS had real speed and acceleration but the RX is a supremely comfortable spacious 4x4 with proper Haldex coupling and reliability to die for. Ours is now on 109k miles and will go on for many more yet. Two things to watch: 1. Have spark plugs been changed cos it’s a big job if not 2. service history is always better if Lexus Good luck and enjoy
  6. Download and view these pics large to see the info you need. Sorry anout the shadows!
  7. Hi, The button switches your front parking sensors on/off. They are not aftermarket but a Lexus dealer fit. I'll post the relevant page from the Lexus instruction booklet later. Michael
  8. afaik the only plug in electrics kit for the 350/400 towbar is the Lexus one, and yes it is a plug in to the car loom on the lh rear area. hth
  9. ps, if any RX350 or 400 owner wants to switch off their rear sensors then there is a switch fitted in the o/s boot cubby box visible in the pic with wire coming from......I never knew that👀😅
  10. Thanks all for the feedback and suggestions/observations. Have to say for a 14 year old the car is in good condition overall, which given I’ll be towing around 1600 kg is encouraging. In my experience Lexus do build to a different (higher) standard than most and it shows. Why have cotton when you can have silk as the saying goes. Service history is all Lexus👍
  11. Cheers for that great tip Pete, will check them out at the weekend. Wouldn’t surprise me at all🤔
  12. So picking up a caravan from the Lake District in a couple of weeks. Tow bar needed, Lexus want over £1k, err no thank you. Take to an independent, job done fine, but oh no. Parking sensors now throwing a fit🙄 'Not us guv, just a coincidence, honest, we've checked it all over' hmm. So this morning stripped the entire boot out, cleaned and reconnected all the bits, including the sensors, and after two hours all working again👍 two clips missing from the wheel arch liners each side, which might explain small amount of water present in corners of the boot so off to get replacements. Trouble is however good a job done, it seems there are always bits missing or clips left lying around. Not good. Anyway proper job done now and feeling good about getting it sorted.
  13. Jack, ‘Let me know if you have no luck with a spare wheel. I have an new and unused SC430 spare wheel with tyre in my garage which is no longer needed. Best Michael
  14. Steven Eagell Lexus cover the East of England with a number of dealerships. Rang their central service booking call centre for a RX diagnostics check. ‘Certainly sir, that’ll be £160 for the first hour’ 🤪👀 👀👀 picks oneself up of the floor and laughs, a lot🤣🤣🤣🤣 But then thought, I wonder can that figure be beaten? Over to owners club members, have you been given a bigger laugh/figure? Wouldn’t mind but over the years have spent a shed load of ££££ with them, but this is first time have asked for diagnostics help. Have worked out it will be cheaper for me to buy and fit a part. These glass palaces need paying for eh👍
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