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  1. The US site is your friend. Try this thread to start with... hth
  2. Have a read to the base of this thread - May give you a lead for new bearings
  3. Sorry no experience of fitting the above but I only use Vaistech products and have installed them into three Lexus. Vaistech have been making plug and play units for Lexus for decades. Have used their units in SC, GS and now RX. Very high quality, full instructions and any problems they have a helpline where you can speak to the guys who design, make and sell them. No connection, just years of happy digital sounds in my Lexi. This unit works with the SC. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.... hth Michael
  4. Gen4 ‘launched’ in 2015 but not generally on UK sale til 2016 so Gen3 still being sold new into 2016. The answer to your specific question is that the interior design your wife saw and appreciated is only available in the latest Gen4 RX, all previous interiors, and exteriors being quite different. So I’m afraid this is one that could cost you😂 Used prices, even outside of the dealer network, are quite tasty, still, keep looking. oh, and the reason I know? My wife recently sat in a Mica red 2018 RX with the cream interior in a Lexus Dealer. Since then I’ve been informed that no other RX is permitted as next car😶👀 Mind you, she is right! hth Michael
  5. May also be worth reading through this thread. Towards the end a guy with a Gen 3 GS walks through a suggested solution
  6. It sounds like the regional settings could have been buggered up via the hidden menu? See here for more info, and a wider search on might give you other possible solutions hth Michael
  7. If a useful/effective four wheel drive system and suspension set up is important to you then the RX350 is better as the 400 set up is quite different and offers less. 350 mpg is less than the 400h but, perhaps surprisingly, not by a large amount. Everything else is down to personal preferences so best drive the two and see which works better for you🙂 The chain cam on the 350 gives peace of mind. What is the price difference in Spain between the 350 and 400h?
  8. Prised apart and refurbished is not a realistic option sadly. iirc the badges are fully sealed....hth
  9. ps buying an SE-L with air suspension carries more risk due to the costs of getting the system fixed if it goes, which there is more of a chance of at middle age! But it does offer advantages so if buying one then go in with your eyes open. Plenty of threads on here via a search for more information if you are interested....
  10. Bought a 2006 RX350 SE in February from a Lexus Dealer with 94000 miles. Done 5000 + miles since, including a 2000 mile stint over two weeks around the Scottish Highlands (NC500), which is what we bought it for. The car is a very comfortable cruiser and not too shabby off road - the 4 wheel drive system is a step above the one in the RX400 which we also looked at. New battery and plugs is all the work we’ve required, plus have installed digital radio. The difference between buying the 350 compared to the 400 (circa £4K) helped the decision! Power steering pump is worth a check for leakage, but it plus other items will be covered if necessary by the warranty. Rear callipers, as with many/most Lexi, maybe shot but repair/refurb costs are reasonable, so check them out and use to negotiate price down... As per above take time to check the car out, there are a fair few good ones available so no need to settle for one that has been mistreated or had a bash. mpg for us is anything from 23 to 30 according to how we drive and type of road. The 3.5 motor comes complete with a satisfying rumble from the outside, but quiet as a mouse inside. Tax is high, but the difference in price covers that plus lots of petrol. It’s a Lexus so beautifully well built, lots of space, well equipped, very comfortable and the front seat folding arm rests are to die for he heh. No hesitation in recommending. Models without nav are rare and you lose associated sound and screen goodies, but they are keenly priced. Bluetooth works perfectly with my Samsung S7 and wife’s late model iPhone, and the Mark Leveson ICE is superb, even now it’s 13 years old. Good luck! Michael
  11. The courtesy light door sensor push switch shown above was the problem, and the fix doesn’t require a new switch. It transpires that the switch(shown in the pic above) is single pole with the circuit completed via the bolt holding the push switch to the body acting as ground/earth - over time grunge and other materials come between the bolt where it makes contact with the switch body. I undid the bolt with a star drive, cleaned it up and the metal plate on the switch body it mates with. Cycled the ignition once and voila, the courtesy light now comes on when the door is opened, and, with ignition on, the door specific open warning on the panel also lights up (hadn’t noticed that was not working duh!). Thanks for all the assistance, was a 2 minute job to fix. No more loud false alarms going off. Michael
  12. Look what I've found! Am hoping this is the source of the problem. Will try to remove and test when the rain stops. Thanks again..
  13. Thanks everyone for the feedback and info. Just went out to the car and I think Colin has it (cheers Colin) as opening the passenger door does not bring the courtesy lamps on. So next question is location of the sensor or is it a push button. Will look tomorrow. A great forum thank you👍👍
  14. Plenty of n/s SC door handles on ebay, which are likely to be affordable alternatives compared to going to a Lexus Dealer.... hth