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  1. go to the GS forum homepage (click on the link at the top of this page or go to forums home - or click here ) and you will see 'start new topic' in a black box on the upper rh side hth M
  2. Welcome back John! All I can think of is as Mark says above, to get the 12v battery checked. Let's hope it is a one off Michael
  3. Connoisseur

    Lexus Servicing

    sadly no, a solution to the Banks' problems yes, but not the problems the banks created............ ;)
  4. Connoisseur

    Lexus Servicing

    When, as will happen, the PCP bubble bursts, then the service sides of volume manufacturers, plus those such as Lexus, are likely to catch a bad financial cold. In the meantime Lexus is not helping itself with clumsy and weak attempts to cement customer loyalty after 3 years. The majority of Lexus Dealers know this and are stamping service books, whatever the marketing speak used to describe a particular type of service. The sooner Lexus recognise this and sort out their servicing 'offer', the better for everyone - all imho of course :)
  5. Connoisseur

    Lexus Servicing the best of my knowledge, and going by posts on here, a fair few Lexus dealers are now recognising that this idea of no 'stamp' for a 5 year + service is no way to keep/win loyal customer business. Stamped service books are becoming quite de rigeur for 5 year plus work I understand................ ;)
  6. Connoisseur

    Lexus Servicing

    Lexus own website says £49 for MOT's on 5 year plus cars so worth asking Lexus Cardiff for the refund you are owed!
  7. I have similar reception problems with my GS - weirdly some days all works fine and then it will go very poor. In the end I fitted an EZI DAB unit which gives great reception 99.9% of the time.
  8. Connoisseur

    Hilariously Bad Customer Service

    Is this worth using?
  9. Connoisseur

    For You Admins

    he heh! Great spot, made me smile............. :)
  10. Connoisseur

    Hilariously Bad Customer Service

    No excuse for such poor performance from Lexus dealers - I wonder whether they are all owned by the same parent co? Recently had the GS450h serviced by Lexus Cambridge (Jardines). I was given a literally brand new IS300h with all toys for the day (4 miles on the odo and untouched), the job was done in full, plus the MOT, and full Gold Member discount applied to what was already a competitive deal. I also get the same discount on all parts, and the Cambridge parts department are first class with their advice and customer care - have not come across better in many years......... Next in to Lexus Cambridge is the SC430 for the airbag recall which is 2 days work! hmmm, wonder if they have an RC-F? ;)
  11. Yes Lexus Hatfield offer Gold Members 10% discount off labour, parts and servicing M
  12. Thanks for that - useful detail for when the job has to be done. M
  13. Great job and great post Mark, knowledge really is power.. Thanks for demystifying the whole shebang. Whether doing the job diy, or getting it done elsewhere, your how to will be a real help to 450h owners... A couple of questions: Would you advise other cautions on protection from electric shock over and above guidance about steering clear of cells 1 and 40? Is the replacement cell you sourced a Toyota/Lexus part, or another supplier? And last one, did the car warning lamps/messages reset automatically with the cell replaced? Thanks again for posting this. Not a job for the fainthearted I'm sure but priceless knowledge M
  14. that is very true. My car sat for sale for more than 6 months, even with fsh, low mileage and SE-L with ACC/PCS, and the price gradually dropping...:) With not many 450h's around my view is that rarity combined even now with hybrid cars being an unknown quantity for most buyers, plus Lexus main dealers working hard to hold prices up, all mean that many 450h's sit around long. When I was looking I spotted cars around for >12 months!
  15. Connoisseur

    New Rc300h And Rc200t

    Link below to Lexus video promoting the new RC - couldn't find a way to embed the vid itself so pic is just a screenshot..