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Angel Eyes - Modding Help


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Hello guys!

I'm new to the forums and to modding. So I really just wanted to get some good advice before I do anything with my lexus and screw it up. XD

I've got a 2001 Lexus is200 Luxury Sports and I'm planning on installing some angel eyes. I've found some threads with people that have installed them but I cant find anything that has proper instructions. I read that 200red installed some angel eyes and he said he posted some instructions but I cant find them.

So is there anything I should know about before buying angel eyes kit?

I heard that you put the whole headlights in the oven for a short time to soften up the glue or whatever. Is this true? If it softens up the glue so that I can take it apart easier do I need to buy any glue to apply to it when putting it all back together? If so what kind?

Whats better CCFL or LED angel eyes? I heard that CCFL wear out quicker. Is this true or just a rumour?

What intensity of light should I get? 5000k, 6000k or 8000k (whats legal or what looks better)? I dont want it to be too bright for oncoming traffic.

Thanks for the help in advance and I'm sorry to bring up another topic about angel eyes but I just need the help. Maybe if I can get the tips from you guys then I'll make a proper instructional thread about installing them for people who are newbs like me. :)

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Hello and welcome to LOC :)

These threads might help you

Oh and by the way you have a IS200 Sport. Not a luxury sports ( no such thing) :whistling:

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Hi and welcome to the club.

I dont have angel eyes fitted, i went for the Audi style as their easier to fit and replace.


Theres a great youtube video showing installation of a set of AE's, as for which type CCFL or LED, CCFL give a better look in my opinion but can die quickly, led's would last longer but as their individual leds if one go's then it will look patchy (see why i didnt go for them lol).

And colour choice would be best matched to your head lights, if your keeping them standard then 4300 is the colour you need, but with hids kits for the IS200 @under £20 i'd be changing the lights to hid, for under £50 you could do driving, main and fogs to hid.

Heres that vid.

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Well thank you very much for the warm welcome.

In the first link where it gave me the steps, near the end where it says that for the glue to harden, do i need to get some type of special glue when putting everything back together?

As for the HID's, in Australia they are illegal. If your car didnt come with HID's when you first bought it, then putting aftermarket HID's will get you busted really quick. New cars that come with HID's that are installed by the manufacturer are ok, sadly thats the law here, otherwise I'd do it since its quite cheap.

PS: lol I guess I do have the sports edition. I just thought with all the leather, pedals and the sunroof it was very luxuriant. :D thanks!

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Ah so your from the land down under, thats a shame about the hids.

As for glue, when you've fitted the halos and put your lights back together, they then go back in the oven this will re-soften the factory glue and thats what you seal them with.

The only advice i'd say that may not be mentioned is when you first split the lights, work the glue level (flatten out the peeks) so that you have a good chance of getting a waterproof seal.

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