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  1. Has this just started or has it been this way always? I'd start by checking fuses, then reprogramming the key fob.
  3. Ignition barrel light

    It should come on when you open the door, try a new T5 bulb, you can fit a led in there to match your sweet looking dash.
  4. Another Stupid Question

    IS200 melting ice. Watchthe front screen and mirrors, you'll see the steam from them de-iceing.
  5. Diy induction

    I'd fit one of these in a heartbeat regardless if they make or lose you power, the only reason i haven't is that the GXE10 engine is ugly as sin without the plastic covers.
  6. Double tap the lock button (3 indicator flashes) when locking the car, this deactivates the interior sensors but activates the dead locks on all 4 doors.
  7. Look on the f/book is200/300 group and ask for lexus john, he makes the kits ready to fit, 20 mins job for £25 posted.
  8. Is200 stereo help

    They all have am/mw and fm, the 3rd one has ukw printed one the fm button.
  9. Is200 stereo help

    On the old one there's a number on the front, make sure the one you buy has the same number. They did around 3-4 factory stereos for the IS200/300/Altezza.
  10. So these only one lead connected into the amp? Strange why they removed it as you would still nead that lead to power the after market stereo? Try Ricky Smith on the IS200/300 Facebook group, he only breaks these cars so should have a few leads kicking about.
  11. Sounds like you may have the base "S" model is200, the "SE & "SPORT" models all came with amps, but not the "S".
  12. Wanted

    Check out Ricky Smith in the fbook groups, he only breaks is's.
  13. Original stereo?

    Replied to your other post about swapping the stereos with Ricky. Also when you refit the stnd stereo your satnav will spring back into life. As it gets its power from the stnd stereo.
  14. Stereo wiring help!

    If your going back to stnd, then just buy the correct stereo, as fitting a stnd stereo with different connectors will be a real pain, plus you have to get the connectors as well from a scrappy or breakers, then it may not work as their different stereos. Try Ricky Smith on the IS200 facebook group, see if he would swap the stereos over for you with the correct one? Also that black wire is the car aerial 12v power in connection.
  15. Alarm problem

    Do you single lock it or double lock it (one or two presses on the remote?) If you double lock its deactivates the internal sensors and activates the deadlocks, Give it a try.
  16. Is300 Stereo

    Just make sure you check that the one you buy has the same number on the front as they's 4-5 different types and they have different connections on the rear! Removal is easy enough, there's a few videos on youtube showing the process.
  18. Stereo, Amp And Satnav

    No, if you have the satnav loom it factory fitted.
  19. Stereo, Amp And Satnav

    Si, before you buy any just double check the connections as there not all the same!!!!!
  20. Stereo, Amp And Satnav

    Yes the amp powers the stereo and the satnav, sounds like the previous owner had an aftermarket stereo fitted before they sold it and removed the amp to fit the amp baypass cable. You need the oem amp.
  21. I'd say that i could be the car not recognizing your key, try another key if you have or get a new blank off ebay and get it cut.
  22. Off ebay, i just searched for t5 white and t10 white leds in uk.
  23. Ok, i replaced mine today. Ended up changing them all to these. T10 led white. T5 led white. Found that these give a better spread of light over the clock's.