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My Is200 Project

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Ok so bought this car last september and everyweek since then i've been using up my spare cash when i can

99 Lexus is200 2.0 24valve straight six no mods at all when i picked it up so a nice clean base to start off with.

Has a few teething problems but i'm sorting them as i go along nothing really major bushs here and there that kinda thing.

These are pics of it when i picked it up and brought it home and gave it a good T-Cut and polish





First thing to go was the rear badges (too much Chrome for my liking) and also pulled out the soldering iron and turned my rear fogs into my parking lights.


Next up was to change out the "BIG L" on the front of the car so found an Altezza for Braking in a local scrappy's so managed to get the tezza grill, a rear lamp (as mine was cracked) the radio fasia to fit a standard radio and a new rear switch for one of the rear windows all for good moneys may i add.

Lamp before:


Lamp after:


Switch before:


Switch after:


Picked up a Japspeed backbox off someone on facebook.....look's and sounds the job bt:)

On the ground:


On the car:


HHHMMmmm the diff.... found someone to swap my open diff for there LSD Diff so that was an easy fix but painstaking as i did it on my back on the solid ground outside the house 2 diffs out and 5 hours later had the diffs switched around.

Next up was to sort out the ride height....what a nightmare that was.....Reading reviews on springs shocks and coil overs but in the end i'm happy with the end result

Went with Altezza shocks and Tenzo R 40/50 mm springs....some difference with the height but what im more impressed with is how smooth it still is. Thought it was going to make the suspension really hard but no its just right

Difference from standard to aftermarket spring


Ride height on the rear before new spring and shock fitted:


Once all 4 were fitted:


Also have a set of wheels there that never sold

before paint:


After painting:


Pics so far:



Got my rear windows tinted over in Proparts bt:) And also fitted some pressed Jap plates.....tring to find the rear insert for the boot so it covers up the two holes left from the Oblong plate.



Also fitted some SMD parking bulbs to my headlights and some H.i.D's that has been in 3 of my previous cars into the fog lights


Next up was to do the whole city lights thing so made my way to the scrappy's and cut some stop/tail holders from the rear of a lexus and joined it up with my sidelight wire's and indicated wire and poped them back in.....not a bad job seen as all it cost me was €2 for the stop tail bulbs.


Next was my Clocks......Got these off the other half and from what i've heard are hard got.....There Jap altezza AS200 clocks so my redline is the same as the required a small bit of modifiction to the wires to get my oil light and display lights to work but the finished prodoct is well worth it.


And to finish off i fitted in my Defi water temp gauge



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Looks nice it's worth it , but when are you gonna put on the painted rims?

also your quite handy to do all by your self :phone:

Having a smll problem with my left front suspention........not sure if my upper wishbone is bent

the problem is tht my caster angle is sitting bit further back nd the top of the wheel is cambered way in compered to my driver's side wheel.

i've replaced the lower caster arm drop links and shock so thats why i'm guessing it's the upper wishbone once thats sorted the wheels will be on becse the offset pushes the wheels out to the wing line.

And I always like to get stuck into things myself......if i'm unable to do it i have a few freinds on hand to give me a dig out

Drop looks good. Keep the Lexus clocks,it's an IS 200,not a Tezza.

Spray your OEM rims gold.

TRD front lip,rear skirt and sides and you will have a looker.

Lol don't worry i have the centre sticker ordered to change the Altezza back to lexus

The wheel's need a good refurb as someone already had a go at spraying them but it's all lifting off so i'll hang on to them and clean them up.

your right about the kit but all in good time as they say

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Always good to see someone get stuck in and do their own mods and make a good job of it. As a personal thought, temp gauge tacked on just because you have got one looks a bit out of place and is also completely un-necessary.

The reason it's there is because few weeks ago my thermostate went so when driving around my car was losing heat.....i actally thought i had a faulty gauge until on further inspection the themostate was stuck open......but since replacing it with a 2 spurious ones for some reason they keep jumpind the centre rod on the thermostate outta there seats so yet again i have the same problem......temps just drop back down to around 60 degees

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