Lexus Is 200 Led Front Logo

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Hello Seb

Visited your gallery very nice pics;As for the wiring I just wanted a photo of what it looked like prior to fitting but never mind

the photo of the vendor showing the small transformer block will suffice,

One small technical doubt is the double sticky tape fixation on wire meshing ;as I use a high pressure jet washer at home and sometimes the rollers I will need to see if a flat base bracket with two screws and some extra waterproof submarine araldite

will deter the would be poacher :

Nevertheless it looks elegant and tasteful can't wait to see a twilight picture ! Nice work I will be ordering mine at the end of the month but I need to find a grill with a flat surface like yours ! LOL

After the logo I will start a new post concerning plasti dip on my alloys. I have done some bits inside the car and no adverse

affects so far but I am waiting to see what direct sunlight at the end of summer will produce. As the colour anthracite is not

yet sold in France and I have only managed to use the colour black on my headlamp washer jet conversion which is now nearly finished just need to take the bumper off to adjust the port side actuator ;

regards pmb

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Actually looks really good, awaiting night pic patiently..LOL

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Ok guys and gals please take your attention to my gallery in exterior mods to view both day pics and night pics of my LED badge it looks very tastefull id sey but then I own it so haha please let me know what ya,ll think and reply to any of my pics if intrested in advise or suppliers names. I would have posted the pic here but as im not very pc intelligent (Mechanic) im hoping you can make do with my gallery lol have fun

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YEP its exactly what I originally thought keeps the car elegant and tasteful and looks really cool ...well done 10 out of 10....I can't wait

to order mine next the front deflector cooler panel is a very good idea (easier to clean with one wipe) and modernises the engine

bay with todays cars.

Nevertheless well done a good tune up mate....when you finnish the wiring try take a pic in dark without the dipped headlights and use that as

your main id photo .

Then when i get mine done I will do the same ....maybe one day I'll bring mine up to the UK for a non alcoholic beer bash.. mdr(french version of LOL.

Keep in touch

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