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  1. Cheers mate, they cancelled the Op' at the last minute...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems I may have a tumour on my Kidney.???????? Anyhoo.. Ultra sound today, then possible MRI scan..... I'm fed up... Col :duh: Real sorry to hear that Colin, no wonder you are fed up. Fingers crossed scan ok.
  2. Col Hope the op went ok, guess you'll be playing a lot more on that PS3
  3. I used to use a cream cleaner that you would use on stainless kitchen products, a lot cheaper than some of the car products & brings the stianless up nice & shiny. Just make sure its NON abrasive & does not contain chlorine
  4. Would of been good to get the RX checked out but no can do mid-week cheers Bobby
  5. Apexi the best IMO, heat shield would be a benefit too or cold air feed pipe / scoop
  6. The aerial might be £25 but the base is a lot more if thats what you have to replace. If you buy from Lexus they wont sell just the plastic base but the whole aerial including the cables etc (you dont need to replace them) & that costs a lot more. Best advice is as Dajcksc says go to & get the part from there, I did, perfect fit. Cheers Bobby
  7. Nice One Chris I do like the Skylines, loads you can do to these. I had a look at a couple recently but wanted the R33 GTR & the money people wanted was too much. Enjoy & keep us up to date with the mods, I am sure you will have a couple more up your sleeve. Cheers Bobby
  8. Been a busy boy Rob, nice work & a crackin new headunit.
  9. I set up my company through Then used Bank of Scotland for the accounts. Managed to get the first year banking free from them i.e. no charges at all. Now into 2nd year & the cahrges are coming in but this is unavoidable, dont think any banks (please someone let me know if there is) do bussiness account charge free. Good luck
  10. Good stuff Col, nice to hear from a satisfied customer. You are right about some services up here, better trying further afield as you did. Prices for certain services :winky: up here is unbelievable. Look forward to seeing the fotos. Cheers Bobby
  11. Adrian, the Lexus has come a long way since I first saw it a couple of years ago. Nice one it looks good.
  12. Cheers mate, & cheers for your help in the past. BTW Alex is now in the RAF & loving it he sends his regards.
  13. Aye I need to keep an eye on the oil but easy to check. Should be done every 1000miles or soo & topped up if needed. Fuel consumption is meant to be bad but then I dont use the car daily but we will see. Just going to get the drop in K&N filter for now, then the exhaust later in the year.......then know the score. S/C are around the 4k & the increase not enough to sanction that amount of spends. Are a few mapping options on the go so might look into that too oh dear here we go again :D Traded the Lex is as I had it on p'heads for 5750 & the garage gave me 5k for it so imo I was as well traded with no hassles. Colour is "Galaxy Grey" & the Lex was Granite Sky, always liked that sort of metallic grey colour. Only 800 of these made !
  14. Well after 3.5 years of happy, breakdown free Lexus motoring I have decided time for a change. So the IS200 has now gone & I now own a RX-8 PZ which I picked up yesterday. Now the Lexus was automatic & the RX8o got to get used to a manual 6 speed again but what a great car to drive. The suspension system has been designed by Prodrive with lightweight alloy Oz wheels & this car hugs the road. Of course I will probable add a few mods as you do but will get used to it first. Thanks to all on here over the years for all the help when I had the Lexus. I plan on staying around the LOC as I always enjoy the "banter". Attached a couple of showroom snaps of the new motor. cheers Bobby
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