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  1. What you really want with any s/c kit is the TTE airbox, as thay cost an arm & leg from TTE, THE INDUCTION KIT IS CHEAPER, And not everyone wanting the induction kit for the noise :winky: there are a couple of people on here with TTE air boxes and they wanted less than what a inducton kit +filter costs but its the owners choice on the noise i got use to it and it turnt a few heads.
  2. i couldnt but i got it and i dont want to get rid of it just loosing to much on the car to keep it wanna get a good price on the sale of the car but you will enjoy it
  3. wasnt to sure what they were going for just thought with the HKS ECU and decatted manifold just bought red silicone also i forgot there is a strut bar in with the sale it was worth that little bit more i am open to offers but if i take to much off then i am makeing to much loss on what ive paid out. and yes im thinking of selling up dont want to but im thinking of it in the nexy 6 months.
  4. Gonna be seeling my supercharger in about a month just seeing if anyone wants it it comes with charger all pipe work red silicon apexi induction kit carbon fiber air scoop de-cat manifold and HKS Fcd(piggy back ECU)and strut bar gonna be looking for £2300ono any interest let me know :D Pic of engine bay on my sig minus the red silicon. thanks wayne
  5. yep i done my light was an easy job aswell there was a thread on it with a video aswell i used led indicators and resistors which were much brighter than normal chrome bulbs.
  6. has the amp and bonnet struts gone. thanks wayne
  7. great day good to see every one see some old faces and new big thanks to tony and the guys for the day also for the food and drnks provided . thanks wayne
  8. is anyone going to be at the lakeside McD's on sunday.
  9. I've just added you to the attendee list Tony :P Roheel from SE London Pro-Lex Dave SE London Rabster Illford B15RUP North London Shaz London (somewhere) Y2Kanjar Garvesend Kent Sorted Vti Maidstone Kent Barrie & Janey (but they may go the other way round M25) Also not forgetting Johnboy W481cgc (Dave) CadeyIS200 coming down the M11 towards the M25 For all you guys & Gals coming from Kent/SE London/Essex I'd suggest a meet at McDonalds @ Lakeside 9am, then meet others coming from up North & M1 @ M25 South Mims 9.30-945am then a large LOC convoy to WIM ? For others from the south side of the M25 maybe a seperate convoy ??? Scorps01 Bobski Motsey (pos depending on route) Barrie & Janey yemgi etc Mcdonalds meet at lakeside for me then as it two mins from me.
  10. anyone going down from london area ? get a little convoy going
  11. have you managed to do an auto version yet or is it still in the making sorry for the highjack
  12. i also have mine at 10 after trying 8 and 9 and found 10 ran better a bit more responsive than 8 and 9 sorry for the highjack
  13. i will be there missed the open day so i will def go :winky: