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  1. Happy Birthday AltezCol!

  2. AltezCol

    Kncoking Noise After Changed Dic

    I brought it to HIQ to get the discs replaced but they basically told me to sort it out myself as it wasn;t their problem anymore....what %$%$.... Yeah, I've never seen an Altezza in Slough as yet...maybe we can meet up or something... The sound is coming from both sides....I removed the wheels yesterday and realised that the brake discs itself are moving in that normal? and the brake pads are moving in the caliper...!!
  3. AltezCol

    South East Meet 27/1/2008

    Sounds like a plan, I'll try to make it there...
  4. Hi guys, I recently changed my rear brake disc to the 3G ones and after I changed it, somehow there is a knocking noise coming from the rear calipers. From what i can see, the rear pads are moving around the caliper and causing the noise. I don;t know why is it that this is happening as I only changed the brake disc and not the caliper. I was wondering is there a brake kit on the rear calipers that the guy forgot to fit back? It looks like the brake pads are too big for the brake disc? Thanks
  5. AltezCol

    Run To Blackpool Meet

    Ok, I will try to make it to M6 J27 at 09:00 as well....
  6. AltezCol

    Run To Blackpool Meet

    Hi guys, I will be coming up from Berkshire and heading from the M40 up and then the M6, anyone wanna meet me on the way? Will be passing by Birmingham..Stoke on trent anyway...just let me know the time to meet and I will try to make it up in time. Will probably leave early to get there in the morning as it might take about 3.5 hours for me
  7. AltezCol

    Run To Blackpool Meet

    Count me in for the pics too plse..will be coming
  8. AltezCol

    Run To Blackpool Meet

    I will try to make it as well.... See if I'm working that weekend
  9. AltezCol

    Carbon Fibre Engine Covers

    Interested too...option 2 for me please...will need to know the price too :D
  10. AltezCol

    Bits And Bobs

    Interested in the Spark plugs..still available?
  11. AltezCol


    Hi guys, I was planning to install one of these to my RS200 Auto, but a few ppl have said it is quite difficult to tune as it doesn;t hold in gear. ANyone managed to do it?
  12. AltezCol

    Wanted 2x Is200 5 Spoke Alloys

    I have got 4 if you need with Perillis P6000 tyres as well....
  13. AltezCol


    Yeah...I know what you mean cuz the blitz pipe for the Maf sensor only has one way that you can fit it because of the screw holes that are already idrilled in place.
  14. AltezCol


    Thanks for the reply guys, I have connected the Maf the correct way round as there is only one way round that it could fit... The car has gotten better with a bit more driving but the acceleration has improved slightly but not what it was before. Think the only thing left is the here i go back again to get it re-tuned..... Thanks for the help guys
  15. AltezCol


    Hi guys, I had a greddy induction kit and it sort of broke and I bought the Blitz SUS power induction..However, after installing it, my car started idling very low and when I put my foot down, it feels like its dragging an elephant for a good 3-5sec before the acceleration kicks in. Tried resetting the ECU but no difference. I have an apexi SAFC2 installed, does anyone think I have to re-sonfigure that to the the filter? Or does anyone a solution? Or know why its doing that? CUz it didn;t happen when i swapped the stock for the greddy (no SAFC2 installed at that time)