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  1. Quick question, is it a case of just swapping the diffs over to an lsd on the ore facelifts or is it tied in to the ECU?
  2. I might be interested have sent you a message
  3. essexgt4

    ISF 5.0V8

    Right im on the hunt for a lexus ISF must be 2010 onwards below 60k mileage whats about?
  4. So what were the revisions made on the it's and when? From what I understand its the steering wheel, dash trim, dials, mechanical lsd, drl's and suspension, anything else im not aware of?
  5. Well that was annoying left to go and view the isf, 15 minutes into the journey dealer phones me and very blasé informs me it's been sold, irritating.
  6. Cheers for that bud wasnt aware about the water pump gaskets, may be worth a meet up atbsome point for a coffee and a looksie at yours.
  7. This is the one I'm going for a test drive in today, which tbh I didnt it was too badly priced but im still going to push for some money off it lol. F&page=1&price-from=4000&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used
  8. Ok for the past 3 years I have had a hankering for a v8 and I am jap car and through and through, I have been trying to fight off the urge to sell my caldina and buy an ISF but i csnt do it any longer so I'm going to take the plunge, there's a couple on auto trader/pistonheads that tickle my pickle but not many, any one spotted any for sale that are worth a looksie or thinking of selling theirs soon? ideally I want 2010 onwards, nothing over 80k miles and not really looking for white leather either as it would never stay white for long lol Quick question is the mechanical lsd really worth it? I do like to drive in the twisted relatively hard so thinking it would come on handy. Any other advise woukd be greatly appreciated.
  9. the plastic surround on the centre part of the dash around the screen and controls, currently eyeing up this one New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=cm195hz&make=LEXUS&sort=sponsored&model=IS F&radius=1501&page=1
  10. Hi guys I am soon to be looking for an ISF, now have my hearts set on an azure blue one preferably with black leather not the ivory, now what i want to know is holding out for a 2010 onward face lift worth it? as far as im aware the main differences are the mechanical LSD slightly softer suspension, dials and the black surround on the dash? am i Missing anything?
  11. lol no not a carlos sainz, I have an st205 and it runs coilovers so a hard ride is not a problem for me lol my other half has an st185, so would you say the earlier model handles better?
  12. budget all depends on the car tbh, id love a blue one but im impatient and will settle for another colour, i can always wrap it if desperate lol, ive been pottering around in my celica gt-four but now fancy something with a v8 to sit along side, however i am starting to wondering if the LSD in the 2010 onwards is worth the extra? anyone had experience with both? and no never driven one, want to find one i like and then will be going for an extensive test drive.
  13. Right im on the hunt for an isf hoepfully a blue one but ideally 2010 onwards anything worth looking at?
  14. Bump only a week to go, dont forget to donate.
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