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  1. about 18 months and no issues apart from i kerbed an alloy.. kicked myself on that. Any small issues were nailed on the warranty. Pretty much faultless. Most reliable car I have ever owned.
  2. Thanks.. she is a lovely car and gutted to have to change Need something bigger though.. family is growing. Possibly RX... if i can get the right car for the right price.
  3. Hi guys My IS250 is for sale in case anyone is interested lovely car through and through. cheers
  4. I'd only really change to these higher pressures if you were loaded up and spending 2+ hours or more at high average speed. All it does is basically protect the tyre's construction and allow it to carry more load. I have a Mondeo estate for work, and in the two years I've had I haven't altered the pressures once. You'd be surprised just how much "spare" capacity is in most tyres, e.g. 205/55-16 91V's carry 615kgs a tyre, so 2400 a set. Most cars aren't that heavy! The benefit from changing them is that the added air pressure protects the carcass at high speed. It reduces flexing and heat build up Thanks Jamie, I guess I will stick to what I'm doing then! If it's good enough for you.... :)
  5. Hi Jamie, Thanks for coming onto the forum! :) Apologies for my ignorance if this is a stupid question but it's something I've always wondered and I don't think it's been asked before. With regards to tyre pressures, on most vehicles now (including my IS) there is a sticker on the inside of the door detailing manufacturers recommendations. As they usually offer advice for different tyres sizes and loads, is it really worth changing the pressures for the different loads or is it just a case of setting it to your most common driving conditions. For example, usually it's just me in the car or me and the other half, but I do the odd fully laden motorway trip with 4 adults and luggage. Is it worth upping the tyre pressures just for these occasional times and then adjusting again after, or does it really matter that much? Am I over thinking this?! :D
  6. i would buy it just because it was Alan's car... someone has made a right mess of it!
  7. Get further discounts with LOC gold membership for other stuff like accessories etc.
  8. they are not the same as just vinyl, they are sprayed with paint by the looks of it. Unless you look very closely they actually work very well. I would rather have all the work on scratches and chips just before selling and these work well at tidying the paintwork and keeping then chips protected from the elements. If i get a chance i will take a photo.
  9. I got some for my IS and I used Auto Sticker The kit is pretty good and is exact paint colour code... does look good.
  10. Does anyone know where i can find the wheel brace on my 220? I got a flatty the other day and could not find it, wondered if it is hidden somewhere? cheers
  11. no idea whether it was too high or low but they had to take trim off and adjust it. seems strange as i asked what usually do these fail on and Light Adjustment was the reply... low and behold.. i had to have light adustment. remember these have only started being MOT'd as the first models are now reached 3 years
  12. Have you got the HID self levelling/active system? hi No.. just the standard projector lights. I have the base model IS220d
  13. Anyone come across the issue of Headlight Adjustment for the IS220d/250 For it to go through the MOT it needed a headlight adjustment, apparently it was a common thing according to the dealer. Now to pay for a technician to make those adjustments makes me wonder why a 3 year old car needs lights adjusting. I have had many cars, inc a few Lexus and never had to have lights adjusting. Would I be right to have a moan, is this a Lexus problem? Warranty will not cover this, but my argument is that its either a fault or it was set wrong at the factory.
  14. Hi guys Bad day for me today, one tip always clear your windows before reversing.. i was in a hurry and my windows where not very clear and I reversed in to a parked car opposite. Usually cars do not park there as it is double yellow lines but someone with a disabled badge decided to park opposit my driveway and i put a dent in the side of the car about the size of a tennis ball. My car has scrathes and a bit of paint off. my question is In the last 20 years of driving i have never had to claim or anyone claim from my insurance, So i am a bit green to know how the insurance thing works. If they decide to go through the insurance was will i have to fork out? My excess is about £350, will i be collored for their excess too? i guess making a offer outside insurance is the key?? cheers
  15. I love warranties and i have really benefitted from it Here is the work i have had done so far (those looking to buy a IS220d are gonna be wondering, but its not all that bad) 5th Injector 2 x EGR Valves New Turbo New Water Pump Engine Out to fix a oil leak (apprently tis is common) New Gear Stick Gator and plastic surround new rear parcel shelf new headlining clips on rear new drivers seat cover fixed sqeaky seat a solenoid under the bonnet (cant remember name) 2 x ECU update (probably more in its life) new rear brake disks new rear brake pads hand brake fixed (recall) new gear stick knob Some greasing in gearbox due to being hard to get car in 1st gear sometimes (dont know what they did exactly) new wheel (older one corroded) my car has done 40k, but still love it. i think most of this i could have not had done and it would still be ok, but it has to be perfect, which i like, but will be selling before that warranty runs out LOL
  16. i read somewhere else on here that they also had a leak with theirs too. undertray catches the oil leaks so its not easy to spot.
  17. ahhhh i get it.. as it is an auto i did not have handbrake on i guess.. will give it a go.
  18. Car went in for a service today only to find out I have a oil leak and the whole engine has to come out to repair it. thank goodness for manufaturers warranty
  19. Hi I have been given a IS250 with MM for a few days.. considering buying one but i cannot seem to get the dvd to play. I can hear sound but no picture. Its defo a region 2 disk Can someone guide me how to get the picture to show? thanx
  20. i would say half a dispstick in 6 months its not a smoke screen but more random puffs... but more than a disel normally does.
  21. Has anyone noticed that their diesel is a bit smokey on motorways? I thought it was normal but at night every now and then i can see smoke in other car headlights beahind me. Last weekend my mate was driving behind me and i was doing about 40... I slowly went into the fast lane to gently overtake another car and I noticed the smoke again in my mates headlights. Seemed when turbo kicked in. When we arrived at the destination my mate commnented on how smokey the car is and he spotted 4 puffs of smoke over 2 miles which seemd a bit more than a deisel normally emits. Anyone know if there is a problem with these engines?
  22. hi guys and girls Just wanted to say that a general observation about these boards is how friendly and profesional these forums are. I have been a member of a few forums and their is usually a bunch of idiots who frequent them and cause trouble but I have never found such a friendly forum as this. Well done to everyone involved and merry xmas to everyone.